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Why the school year should begin with a visit to the dentist

Many parents do not understand, why go to the dentist with kids: they will still fall out baby teeth. find out why even young children need a reorganization of the mouth

Sanitation involves a range of procedures, from bleaching and ending with tooth extraction. The reorganization required to children not only in front of the school or kindergarten, and before going to summer camp. Adults should visit the dentist including before a long hospitalization or surgery, before pregnancy and childbirth.

Baby sanitize (i.e. to treat) teeth need in order to remove the source of infection, which is any tooth decay. Patients also teeth badly affect the development of the rudiments of indigenous, existing in a person since birth. Besides bad teeth affect your child's immune system on the development of chronic diseases such as adenoids, pharyngitis, sinusitis and many others.

Early loss of milk teeth leads to problems with the permanent teeth and bite in the future. And as you know, malocclusion affects the articulation and leads to speech defects; also because this can cause problems with nasal breathing. According to statistics, more than 80 percent of six-year-old children have caries of deciduous teeth. At twelve adolescent patients permanent teeth have 70 percent, and at fifteen years, this figure reaches over 80 percent.

Maria Veledinsky, a dental therapist:

— After the summer holidays have to visit a dentist. It should be a planned visit. If a child first goes in for a checkup, it is necessary to psychologically prepare pre-and in any case not to frighten. During the examination the doctor will check for cavities, assess the oral hygiene and occlusion. The child age specificity in three months can change a lot the condition of the teeth. The same decay in children develops very quickly. If necessary, the doctor can take special maloobyasnimoe, gentle means plaque.

The dentist must teach the child and his parents the oral hygiene. Only parents are responsible how a child regularly brushes his teeth. From early childhood, with the appearance of the first tooth, you need to clean teeth and control this process. Be sure to carry out hygienic procedure in the evening before bedtime and in the morning after Breakfast. And try to finish the food products that promote clean teeth fresh hard vegetables or fruits. Green Apple, carrot ideal. Such fruits and vegetables are recommended for snacking. In any case the child should not eat candy, cookies, and other sweets. Prevention of dental caries in children parents need to monitor the consumption of refined foods, fast carbohydrates.


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