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5 foods harmful to the waistline

To achieve a flat stomach is not difficult

You play sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, adhere to proper nutrition, and "life preserver" of fat around the waist still can not go? Perhaps, you use the wrong products.

5 продуктов, вредных для талии

No бутербродов


Any flour-based products, even if they are not high in calories, not sweet and you eat them little by little, still help to increase the belly fat. About the pies and the cakes, too, and say no. Cakes literally full fast fissile simple carbohydrates — as a result of their contact with the body the feeling of fullness quickly leaves the man and he again and again reaching for another cake.

5 продуктов, вредных для талии

And even more, тортиков


See above — in combination with flour, it is generally the enemy of a flat stomach. Like all products, it contains: jam, jams, juices, sodas.


5 продуктов, вредных для талии

Salt is not less harmful than сахар

It retains water in the body, which contributes to the appearance of edema. This applies not only to the product in its pure form, but also to all kinds of canned products, such as salted mushrooms and cucumbers.

Side dishes

We love to eat fried potatoes, but it will give us a new stand of fat, but good body will not bring any. Like other side dishes containing starch, such as rice or semolina. They only increase the waist in volume.

5 продуктов, вредных для талии

Do not eat side dishes containing крахмал

Fast food

In most cases, this is a very high-calorie foods. But due to the huge amount of artificial additives, they also inhibit metabolic processes in the body.

5 продуктов, вредных для талии

Fast food - a sure way to fat for животе


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