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Pavel Zanozin: "for me, Sport is a family affair"

The commentator told how to always stay in great shape, right exercise to do at home protein shake

Sports commentator Pavel Zanozin know about sports almost all. And he gladly tries himself in different forms. Even in the rare. had heard the story of Paul on his way of life and recorded some helpful tips.

Professional athlete I become failed. Although, of course, in childhood I really wanted to go to the big football. But the love of the sport rather quickly combined with a love of TV, where I was nine years old. From this symbiosis there the dream of becoming a sports commentator, which is implemented with a victory in the competition in 2007. So all my sporting achievements were limited to victories in the school and camp competitions in running for short distances.

I was always interested in trying something new. About the squash, I learned for the first time at an exhibition tournament for journalists two years ago. It turned out that this sport is so exactly my personality: there always have to be in motion. This is the most energy-consuming sport — per hour of game you are exhausting in full. Most work the buttocks, because almost all strikes executed in the squat. But generally tense the whole body. At least once a week with friends and colleagues and I play football. A basketball touch less often, but also enjoy playing. My favorite winter sport — Curling. It the winter equivalent of petanque is also perfect for a friendly company. When they say that are addicted to these games, few realize what was going on. But it's worth a try — and people have become fans of Curling and petanque.

Павел Занозин: «Спорт для меня — дело семейное»

Kira, daughter of Paul and Vlada, a little over a year, but parents are already thinking about the sports section for malikite: materials of press-services

About sports, I always have someone to consult. Basketball tips gives me my good friend Svetlana Abrosimova, the former captain of the national team of Russia. Questions on tennis can always ask Anna Chakvetadze. Golf taught me to play the real star in this sport Maria Verchenova. Finally, to improve the football level colleagues: Alexander Kerzhakov, Dmitry Bulykin, Evgeny Savin. Squash party in Russia is not very big, there all know each other. So I try as often as possible to take lessons from the best squash players in the country.

For me, sport is a family affair. With my wife we started to study tennis. Now I hope to inspire her and squash. Daughter Kyra while a little more than a year old, but she already has athletic tendencies. I think that very soon we will choose for her section.

Павел Занозин: «Спорт для меня — дело семейное»

Vlad, wife of Paul, is pleased to support the sporty lifestyle of the presenter. Together they started to play tennis. Now, Paul attempts to seduce the wife of squarephoto: materials of press-services

The Constitution of the body and active lifestyle allows me to eat and drink everything your heart desires. For example, I can't live without meat, good cheese and sweets. Besides, everything I eat with bread. Even the pasta. Loves to cook in the morning for the whole family your brand omelet with tomatoes. Can cook spaghetti with seafood or fried meat. But most of the cooking in our family the wife answers Vlad. Best dinner: steak with fried potatoes and a glass of wine. I think that the main thing — to get from eating pleasure. And not to overeat of course. A good figure usually have people getting up from the table with a sense of light starvation.

At the fitness club I go to. To work with iron I'm not very interesting. Training on the squash court or swimming in the pool for me is much better. In any case, you need to remember that sport should be fun. To do through the pain — not a pretty story. I love push-UPS and pull. To stand a couple of minutes in the bar too, always a pleasure.

Any professional sport is harmful. It's hard work. You will not find a single athlete who would not have hurt. For their fame, money and victories hides a hard work. And, not every person is able to withstand the stresses of professional sports. But Amateur sports, and sports games are quite another matter. But these classes should be treated reasonably. Everything is good in moderation.

Павел Занозин: «Спорт для меня — дело семейное»

"I love push-UPS and pull. To stand a couple of minutes in the bar too, always a pleasure"Photo: materials of press-services

Warm-up with Paul Zanozin

Any sport requires a good warm up to avoid injury. Here is one of her options.

Running exercises

They need to be done at a distance of 15-20 meters. The order of exercises:

— run the "knees to chest" (try to press your knees to your chest) one minute.

— running engulfing Shin (touch heels behind) one minute.

— cross-running (are you running sideways, and the legs are alternately crossed, the body should turn in the opposite direction from the leading leg on each step) one minute.

— run with twisting of the body in different directions in the process — two minutes;

Mahi thigh (leg bend the knee and do a semicircular motion of the thigh) or two minutes;

— running jumping (jump up, a swing and pulling knees to your chest).

Warming up the joints

Do rotational circular motion in one and then in the other direction. Start with the head, move to the shoulders, the arms, body, pelvis, knees, ankle.


Start with forward bends. Knees straight, and hands need to strive to touch the ground. If everything is done correctly, you will feel how tense the muscles on the back of the thigh and calf muscles. Then place your feet as wide as possible and bend one knee. To pull the front part of the thigh, bend your leg, hold behind the ankle and pull the leg to the fifth point.

Павел Занозин: «Спорт для меня — дело семейное»


Homemade protein shake

A true athlete always needs protein. Without protein muscle growth impossible. Now you can buy any protein shakes, but you can cook them yourself.

For this you will need: three hundred grams of cottage cheese, three hundred milliliters of soy milk, two tablespoons cocoa, ten walnuts and coconut on the tip of a knife.

To prepare the cocktail, simply add all the ingredients in a blender and mix thoroughly until smooth. The approximate content of nutrients in this shake: 65 grams of protein, 35 grams fat and 21 grams of carbohydrates.


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