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How to get better with the onset of cold weather

When behind a window a rain (as now) or snow (which is expected shortly), we have significantly increased appetite. Want without stop to eat biscuits, chocolate and other "forbidden" beautiful waist products. However, there is much more safe to figure ways to warm the body

Julia Angel, beauty blogger, beauty expert and health:

"In the autumn of the body is reconstructed under a new temperature regime. The easiest way to keep warm hearty meals. How to help yourself to rebuild and not to get better?

Dress warmly, giving preference to natural fabrics.

Choose nutritious, but not too fatty foods. For example, instead of flour and sweets eat fruit. Fried replace baked.

Discard warming and intoxicating "tempters" — wine, mulled wine, tea with candy. They should prefer hot soups and soups. They are warm, and saturate. Now a lot of fresh seasonal vegetables, light soups — perfect!

Follow the diet. Eat small amounts every 3-4 hours.

Walk in the street during the day. Autumn light day is shortened, which reduces serotonin levels in the body and increases appetite. Easy promenade after dinner will help you not only to recharge the light batteries, but also burn a couple of hundred calories.

Как не поправиться с наступлением холодов

Julia Angel, beauty blogger, beauty expert and sgaravatto: materials of press-services

Drink water! In the cold season, we need it no less than in the summer, but often forget that. Remember that water accelerates chemical reactions in the body, that is the same metabolism; biochemical metabolic processes occurring in the aquatic environment; water helps the process of digestion of fat when intake of protein from food; removes wastes from the body; improves the functioning of the kidneys and liver which prevent the spread of toxins in the body; water helps every cell to rid waste and toxins.

To diversify the menu of drinks also green tea. Try not to abuse coffee, love hot mug with the onset of cold weather increases. But remember: caffeine promotes fat deposition, and we are fighting with him.

Keep an active lifestyle — sign up for dancing or in a club. Because of cold weather we begin to move less, spend more time at home, drive the transport and not on foot. Inactivity contributes to a more rapid cooling of the body, and we try to warm up not only clothes, but also fatty foods. In addition, physical activity will not only "warm up" the body, but also hone the silhouette.

Diversify the diet of foods containing vitamins B and D. Vitamin B — fish, meat, liver, spinach, nuts, legumes, cauliflower, broccoli plays an important role in cellular metabolism and the health of the body. Vitamin D — cod liver oil, herring, mackerel, tuna, cheese, eggs simultaneously represents both a hormone and a fat-soluble vitamin".


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