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5 horrible mistakes during a manicure warns: we are spoiling your nails

Now every step you are offered a manicure for just pennies. Courses lasting several days, prepare professionals, and they begin to take clients. And someone is taken to restore beauty at home, by myself.

However, it turns out, all is not so simple. found that nails spoil very easily, but to recover then it is not always possible.

Mistake # 1

Manicure — the last century. Experts have proven that it is a direct step to panaritiums fingers — purulent inflammation and curvature of the nail. Skin the cuticle protects the nail root from bacteria and dirt. By removing this skin, you lose protection.

5 ужасных ошибок во время маникюра

Do not cut кутикулу

Just gently roll back the cuticle orange stick, and apply on top of oil, so it does not burst.

Mistake # 2

Take your time, podpilivaya nails. The movement should be in one direction only, not in-and-out, otherwise the tip of the nail will start to flake, will become weaker and more brittle.

5 ужасных ошибок во время маникюра

Be careful with metal пилками

Mistake # 3

Before applying the varnish the vial do not shake. You think I stirred the paint and it will be better to lie? As it is not so. On the contrary, inside the bottle, air bubbles appear, when applied, they manifest the bumps, and then burst.

5 ужасных ошибок во время маникюра

Just roll the bottle between ладонями

Mistake # 4

Applying nail Polish is the finishing touch before leaving the house. You have already painted and dressed, were neatly paint the nails so they are not lubricated. And in order to quickly dry the coating, many people stick their finger under cold water. But while the varnish dries, but only hardens and can fall off in a few minutes. Bear with me for a few minutes until the coating dries under the influence of oxygen.

5 ужасных ошибок во время маникюра

Let nails dry сами

But hot water hand wash. When heating the nail platinum is increased, and the layer of varnish size does not change.

Mistake # 5

Apply the varnish in a thin layer, let them be 3-4, not two, but so they will quickly dry and will last longer.

5 ужасных ошибок во время маникюра

Layers of varnish should not be толстыми


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