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How to maintain ideal weight for life

A month effort will you successfully get rid of extra pounds, but back to their old lifestyle and... the Usual story. What should I do?

The mistake of many a desire to lose weight as quickly as possible, using the most violent means. It is clear that the result is usually temporary, because sitting on a diet or torturing yourself exercise on the verge of the possibilities is long.

Try to do otherwise: make simple elements of a healthy lifestyle, their daily habits for a lifetime. You do not even need a particularly long time. A little less sweet than usual. Then another a little less, but most importantly — no self-torture. A little more exercise: half an hour walking daily or at least a partial failure of the lift. Instead of fried in oil baked in the oven. Instead of potato chips — sliced apples or carrots.

All these small concessions will quickly become a habit and will become unnoticeable, but day by day will support your health. Excess weight will go at once, about a year, but will not return.


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