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Cold vs bruise

You accidentally hurt yourself, and in a conspicuous place was a sign about this trouble? Ugly and takes a long time, for weeks. Take immediate action

Against bruises, there are special medicines, but you can apply proven methods, before reaching the pharmacy. A bruise occurs from the fact that under the skin flows blood from damaged blood vessels. To avoid this, vozdeistviem cold.

As soon as possible (no later than 5 hours) applied to the injury site wrapped in cloth a piece of ice, keep for 2-3 minutes. No ice — apply a coin, a spoon, dipped in cold water cloth, if possible, immerse the injured part in water. In these cases the holding time is not less than half an hour. Special case — a bruise near the eye, where the skin is especially tender here every 10 minutes, have 2-3 minutes to stop the cooling.

Through the day the swelling will be gone, but the injured place must be warmed up 3-4 times a day to make 10 minutes the compress of chamomile infusion, a bag of hot salt or hot egg.


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