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Health to Mama

Russian women willingly take responsibility for the whole family.

Who are the primary care givers in Russian families? Of course, women. If you see any problems we run to the mother, no matter how old we are. Mom will always help, comfort, and breathe into the wound, will give the desired cure.

Recent VTSIOM poll showed that Russian women are ready to assume full responsibility for the health of your family. And men are willing to give them the reins of power without any sentiment. 83% of women consider themselves responsible for the health of the family, this view is shared by 65% of men.

Experts say that in Russia women due to a number of factors have great potential for the formation of healthy lifestyle, Responsible attitude to health, to nutrition and reasonable physical activity should be formed on the family level, and here the role of women as homemakers, it is difficult to overestimate.

The study surveyed nearly 600 women aged 22-55 years, with a family, in 130 settlements of 42 regions of the country. It turned out that the fairer half of humanity is not only serious about the prevention of serious diseases, but also ready to take responsibility for the preservation of the health of the family. So, 83% of respondents believe that the role of women in maintaining the health of the family significantly higher than men. And men, in fact, not against it. 65% of them also believe that the role of women in protecting family health is more important.

The survey showed that more than half of our ladies are actively involved in the rehabilitation of the family. Most often they involve members of the "cell of society" in the sport (31%), translate them into healthy food (29%) and struggle with Smoking (28%). Well, if someone in the family got sick, 34% of women cope with the problem themselves, relying on their own knowledge and the advice of relatives or friends, while about half of women (47%) seek specialist advice.

Where are women today looking for information in case someone from the family members unwell? It used to be in the bookcase of every family in a prominent place certainly stood the home medical encyclopedia or some reference of the attending physician. Our mothers and grandmothers appealed to him on every occasion: if a child skinned knee, if the husband increased pressure when headache... And there were situations described by Jerome K. Jerome in his famous book "Three men in a boat not counting the dog", the author noted that after reading the medical guide diseases found himself literally everything, except perhaps the ancestral fever.

Today, the information in the directories of the last century, where many of the disease is proposed to treat out-of-use drugs or have not used techniques, of course, outdated. But there are a lot of opportunities to find a lot of useful things about health on the Internet.

However, the regular introduction of a query in a search engine is also not always lead to the desired results. Unfortunately, the vast world wide web today, there are many sites of information which are not to be trusted. Some of them advertise supplements or alleged magic devices, others give the "popular" advice from physicians faint.

In addition, many health sites today abound in scientific terms incomprehensible to the average citizen. But medical education is not at all, while to know about health, many want.

And yet there is a solution. Home medical encyclopedia "new generation" is to become the website of the Publishing House "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Healthy.Online, where to simple plain language is spoken about the most important. Healthy.Online is not just popular scientific knowledge and practical information, offering a solution to problems for any family member, regardless of gender and age. The Website Healthy.Online will help our readers to save your time to find a doctor or clinic. Here you can see the ranking of medical workers and medical institutions, which are based on actual reviews of their patients. In addition, here you can find answers to all the "touchy" issues that relate to health. To enroll for the doctor or clinic, at least in private, at least in public. Many will certainly be interested in a unique program of "self-diagnosis", which allows with high probability to determine what disease or condition you are faced. Still — after all of her preparation worked more than 30 honored Russian doctors of different specializations, professors and candidates of medical Sciences. The program is made on the basis of the most frequent complaints of patients and allows to answer the question "Why am I sick...?" It's simple: you enter into the program of their symptoms, and she responds to you, what kind of diagnosis you need to go, what diseases you may have, how serious it is and what the doctor will help. Having a precise self-test, patient will need to visit a doctor before diagnosis. Can come to him immediately with photos and test results.

And, of course, on the website Healthy.Online you can find a lot of interesting and useful articles, share your experiences with other people and is completely free to get answers to questions about their health from experienced Moscow doctors.


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