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Hold back: effective ways to maintain posture

Expert shares exercises for the back

Urban life and office work often lead to loss of posture and scoliosis. Moreover, these illnesses become younger every year. Honored artist of Russia, ballet dancer, main choreographer and Director of the school of Olympic reserve №25 sports Inna Bulgakova, of course, heard about the bad posture, but she was never familiar with this problem. Especially for Inna told about some very simple exercises that will help to keep a straight back.

"The family has me from early childhood was trained to the profession of a ballet artist, and especially the Pope paid great attention to correct posture and my back. I was on a very hard bed, and no pillows. I slept on a thin mattress that was spread directly on the Board. Came up with this dad because in his youth he was engaged in the slalom and received a serious back injury. Talking to the doctors, he said, how to make a child have problems with posture? He was advised to sleep on hard and without cushions. If I started to slouch, Mama went with me on the back, and I immediately straightened. So before attending the Leningrad Academy of Russian ballet. A. Y. Vaganova I had formed a habit to keep your back. In the dance school I rarely received comments "straighten your back!", so when I started to act in films and serials as an actress, even stooping so as not to give professional posture of a ballerina," says Inna Bulgakova.

Держим спину: эффективные способы сохранения осанки

Honored artist of Russia, ballet dancer, main choreographer and Director of the school of Olympic reserve №25 sports Inna Sinkeviciute: materials of press-services

Go dancing

Any choreography, and special physical training, like rhythmic gymnastics, rock-n-roll or ballet, develops and strengthens certain muscles of the back. Including the need for beautiful and correct posture. Even when you stop exercise, you must do at least light exercises, because there is such a thing as a muscular corset that all the time you need to maintain. The great ballerina Galina Ulanova till his last days doing gymnastics and doing exercise in choreographic machine, so that the muscles were in good shape.

Download muscle

There are certain exercises that are responsible for the desired muscle groups. For example, exercises designed to exercise muscles under the shoulder blades, so that they were in the correct position and helped to keep the upper back, not Perekareva shoulders. The most primitive training is to bring the shoulder blades together and rotate shoulders in the direction from front to back. Repeating the exercise must be at least ten times in a row.

Morning warm-up

Lying on your stomach, stretch your arms in front of him. The palm and wrist turned down, hands raised to eye level. Lift the chest while lying on the stomach, then arms and raise to the side and bend at the elbows to form the letter "p". In this position you can just lie five to ten minutes. The head should be on the line of the shoulders and hands and not to go upstairs.

Gadgets for correct posture

Electronic corrector

A small wearable sensor in a plastic housing. The device monitors the posture and vibrates when you start to slouch.

Smart pillow

It has a multitude of sensors that monitors your posture in a sitting position. Results can be obtained with the help of mobile apps.

Smart glasses

Three sensors on the fixed rim of the eye movement, determining the level of fatigue, and the sensors located at the temples, watching the body position and posture.


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