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Heart attack: call an ambulance on time

Annually in Russia from a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases kill at least 50% of the population. However, these statistics can break and hit it to delay for a long time

What is a heart attack?

In simple terms, a plot of healthy heart cells had ceased to be supplied with blood, and they died. The reason is the blockage of the vessel. But it is the cause of death, which will be written by expert. And personal, even more of a psychological cause of death in more than 38% of the cases is as follows: at the time of the attack did not call an ambulance, hoping that will cure itself. And if not? It is possible to restore the patency of the vessel in the next 30-40 minutes.

Инфаркт: вызываем «скорую» вовремя

Don't be afraid to call an ambulance Photo:

Call an ambulance, not relying on "maybe"

No need to be afraid to "bother" the doctor. After all, more than 15% of heart attacks happen not pensioners, and quite able-bodied citizens. Female mortality is higher for men.

Remember: the sooner you call an ambulance and the sooner the restoration of blood flow, the more chances for a quick recovery and return to normal life. Especially now, when imposed strict regulations for the "emergency" — to get at least twenty minutes and take the patient to the regional vascular center. The introduction of such centers allows us to save the lives of more than 55% of patients.


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