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How to give first aid for burns

Expert told when you can do it with home remedies and in some cases need to go to the doctor

There are four degrees of burns.

Grade I: appear on the skin redness.

Grade II: the skin blisters.

III degree: suffer from deeper layers of the skin

Fourth degree: charring occurs not only skin, but tissue and even bone.

And if I and II degree to the victim to help in the home, with III and IV degree requires the urgent intervention of a specialist.

You also need to remember, in some cases, it must call the "ambulance":

— if the burn got a small child or elderly person;

— if the area of burnt surface more than 5 palms of the affected person;

— if injured groin, head, nose, mouth, respiratory system;

— if you have open wounds;

— if the affected arm and leg or two arms and two legs, joints, face and eyes.

In any case it is impossible:

— to treat the wound of vegetable, olive or any other oil or fat, cream, egg white or egg yolk;

— treating the affected areas with brilliant green, iodine, potassium permanganate or alcohol;

— open the blisters, if they appeared;

— to use ice for skin cooling;

— use of folk medicine for burns (especially not to urinate on the wound). You need to go to the doctor.

Как правильно оказывать первую помощь при ожогах

Olga Sokolyuk, dermatologist, cosmetologie: materials of press-services

Olga Sokolyuk, dermatologist, cosmetologist

— First of all, you should free the affected area from clothing, accessories (watches, etc.) and other foreign objects. This is not to pull the clothes or tear the cloth from the wound, it is better to use scissors. Burns I and II degree immediately after the burn requires skin cooling with running water for 15-20 minutes or attach soaked in cold water towel. After that, the burn can be treated with antiseptic, apply any tool with panthenol and leave open. If the skin is "crinkly", pain, redness and swelling expressed and blisters — this is a burn of the II degree. It better be open if the area of damage is small. Enough to put burn spray. If the burn is more than II stage, first you want to put a clean bandage, and then cooling the skin and the affected tissue in a cool — 15-20 degrees — standing water or apply a package, a bottle of water. If it is impossible to cool the burn with water, leave the wound exposed for 15 minutes to cool. After antiseptic. In all cases, after the burn, you must give the victim water. If the burn area with palm is not less than a glass. For burns of the fingers, applying a bandage, separate them with gauze. The bandage should not be tight. Give the victim pain reliever. Immediately call the medical emergency service.


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