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The scientists were able to divide the diet into useful and useless

What system of power you can't even try to try

Who among us has not dieted? Who tried to find the one that will certainly help you lose weight and at the same time will not harm the health? And if weight recognize not all of us, the fact that the diet we use without medical advice, will agree about everything. However, participation in this process, a nutritionist will not only help quickly get in shape, but to maintain health, and most importantly — money. Below we present those diets, to agree on which should not, under any circumstances. Because "the enemy must know in person", will tell about them in detail.

Live on air

The creators of this unusual diet has decided that it is possible, not entering the kitchen or in a cafe. Move, breathe, eat — their slogan. Cheap, and to sit on such a diet at any time and in any place. Yes that a sin to conceal, we all have been sitting on this diet. But in real life it is better to eat on a schedule.

Intestinal diet

Yes, it happens sometimes. It's simple — you just have to swallow the eggs of parasites. They will grow, evolve and literally "suck" out of you weight. Only the creators of this strange diet was not warned that the calories disappear all the vitamins and nutrients that will surely cause the body harm. However, there is still the world extreme lovers and followers of this type of weight loss.

Ученые смогли разделить диеты на полезные и никчемные

Ice cream for dinner is unlikely to contribute to pohudeniyu:

Diet "almost fast food"

The main idea of this system of food — three days of eating dairy products, fish, fruits and vegetables. Second day — lunch hot dog, and in bed — ice cream. Odd, isn't it? This diet certainly will not help you lose weight. But, it turns out, there are followers of this diet.

Diet of ancient man

It provides for the people of the Paleolithic. In the diet are meat and fish products, vegetables, greens, fruits. But dairy products, cereals, spices and sugar should be excluded. But all this leads to one thought: isn't that why so quickly became extinct ancient people?


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