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5 cheap tools to remove the heartache

"Ambulance" in the home medicine Cabinet

If you have health problems, use only drugs that your doctor orders. When the pain in the chest, call an ambulance. Her to wait for you will help some simple tools.

No. 1 Valerian

No, extract from the root of this plant leads to a lot of cats. Valerian promotes the expansion of coronary vessels, normalizes blood circulation, enhances intestinal motility and inhibits fermentation processes it serves as a sedative for insomnia, nervousness, and relieves spasms of the gastrointestinal tract.

5 дешевых средств, чтобы снять сердечную боль

Valerian is useful not only кошкам

No. 2 Chestnut

Not the one they eat on the boulevards, and the usual horse, which is growing in every Park of our vast country. It strengthens blood vessels, lowers blood viscosity, preventing the formation of blood clots and protects against heart attack and stroke. And that's not all. Inflammation, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins — these fruits are the panacea for many diseases.

5 дешевых средств, чтобы снять сердечную боль

In any Park you will find каштан

No. 3 Motherwort

With all kinds of excitement, hysteria, neurasthenia, heart failure, neurosis, angina, cardiosclerosis, hypertension, and even impotence drink tincture of motherwort will help.

5 дешевых средств, чтобы снять сердечную боль

Motherwort can even беременным

No. 4 Hawthorn

Of course, everyone immediately recalled cases of poisoning by denatured alcohol, infused in these years. And for good reason. After all, it is a good drug that reduces the excitability of the heart muscle, improves coronary and cerebral circulation, relieves tachycardia, arrhythmia, lowers blood pressure, helps with insomnia, dizziness, normalizes sleep.

5 дешевых средств, чтобы снять сердечную боль

Hawthorn: delicious and полезно

No. 5 Peony

It's not only gorgeous colors. Peony normalizes sleep, work gastrointestinal tract, increases stomach acidity, used in colic of the intestines.

5 дешевых средств, чтобы снять сердечную боль

It's not just цвветы


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