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5 myths about our bodies

The human body has many secrets. Some told science, other we think of ourselves, bringing them to the absurd. collected the famous statement that you should not believe

Gum stays in our stomach for years. Yes, the gastric juice cannot digest chewing gum, so it stays in the digestive tracks for a little longer than food, then comes naturally.

The human brain is only 10%. This antediluvian statement that dispelled by modern scientists after a number of studies. In fact, people use all parts of the brain.

Hair and nails grow even after death. It is impossible, as this requires the generation of the corresponding hormone and a complex of useful substances.

You can't Wake a person suffering from sleepwalking. If you Wake a sleepwalker, his health is not threatened. The danger is that it may behave aggressively with the culprit of his awakening.

The dogs mouth is cleaner than human mouth. Nothing of the sort! In the mouth of a man as much bacteria as your pet.


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