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5 signs of early cancer, that it is important not to miss will tell you that women need to pay attention

The female reproductive system is located deep inside the body, so initial changes it is very difficult to see. When they become explicit, sometimes it is too late and requires serious treatment, until the removal of organs. Unfortunately, cervical cancer is a very common and fatal disease, however, if you start treatment early, you can beat him. The alarm should beat in the following cases.

5 признаков начала онкологии, которые важно не пропустить

Female reproductive system difficult устроена

Sign №1

If you suffer from abdominal pain, there was no time blood allocation — run to the gynecologist! Cancer cells grow on the cervix wall, they can dry out and burst, then the pain and bleeding.

5 признаков начала онкологии, которые важно не пропустить

To visit the gynecologist not less than twice год

Sign №2

On the genitals you have warts, it is an occasion to reflect. Cervical cancer is often caused by genital infection with human papillomavirus. These papillomas and can manifest disease.

5 признаков начала онкологии, которые важно не пропустить

Don't forget about your здоровье

Sign №3

You have a very strange selection, it is also a reason to contact the doctor. The fact is that when cancer cells begin to multiply in the cervix, they are literally the withdrawal of the uterine tissue, which implies a colorless liquid.

5 признаков начала онкологии, которые важно не пропустить

The doctor will conduct all the necessary исследования

Sign №4

Constant feeling of tiredness, easy fatigability, loss of appetite, heart palpitations — all signs of anemia. It can occur due to the development of cancerous tumors and internal bleeding or growth and its pressure on the stomach.

5 признаков начала онкологии, которые важно не пропустить

Time surgery, can save your жизнь

Sign №5

Pain and difficulty urinating. Kidney and bladder can shrink the tumor and therefore the patient can not during to go to the toilet, they find it difficult to fully empty. This leads to infection of the urinary tract that causes pain.

You should also pay attention to the pain and swelling of the lower extremities. Cancer literally compresses all the internal organs, including vessels. In the pelvis and legs deteriorating circulation.


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