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Walking — modern look at everyday fitness

To bring the body to the ideal of today has become much easier. Stick to a few rules, and after a couple weeks of walking you will notice how tightened figure and improved mood

How to start a "walk right"

First and foremost, follow the correct posture. Back and neck should be straight, shoulders straightened.

While walking, raise your pelvis and pull the belly to with every step to feel a slight tension in his muscles.

Step with your heel, gently rolling the pads of the feet to the fingers.

Steps should be short. This will reduce the load on joints and increase the effectiveness of training.

Move your hands — it will help with motion — elbows bent at right angles, hands pressed to the body.

Try to go for a walk on smooth, paved roads, and on slopes, sand and grass. The body will work harder and you spend more calories.

Спортивная ходьба — современный взгляд на повседневный фитнес

Choose a comfortable, obavite:

How long should do

This sport is suitable for daily training. This way you will be able to burn up to 6 kg per month.

And although open shorts and dresses have had a warm fall clothes, it's never too late to have her figure and health!


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