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Crossing legs is a fictional harm or a real threat

Few people think, what is the position of the feet can cause irreparable harm to our body

What harm carries a habit

In the first place by crossing of the legs is bent the lower part of the spine. Pinched nerves in the lumbar area leads to tension and painful muscle spasms, poor posture.

Secondly, disturbed blood flow and blood pressure. A long stay in this posture leads to weak blood circulation in the lower extremities and deterioration of the joints. At the same time, the pressure in the upper part of the body is increased which complicates the heart and puts a high load.

Also, many say that this habit leads to varicose veins and thrombosis, but these facts are not proven.

What doctors say

According to the advice of doctors, the best alternative is not throwing one leg over the other, to cross only the lower part of it. But most importantly, remember that whatever position you took — don't stay in it for long and move more!


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