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Anastasia Barashkova: "it is not where and how you rest"

Model and TV presenter shares with their secrets of beauty and harmony

— You're always in great shape, you have special secrets?

— No special secrets, you need to always be in a good mood, drink plenty of fluids and in the morning to do breathing exercises.

— On diets sit, honestly?

— On diets do not sit, and never sat, just trying to eat right. Don't eat wheat (I do not like it), don't eat sweets (don't like too sweet) and drink plenty of fluids. And if you still need to move, to get better won't be. At least my weight was always normal.

— You are a busy person, how do you relax?

— I can't say that I'm a busy man. I rest especially morally, for example, reading motivating literature that pushes you to new achievements. Perhaps it is the viewing of any movie. Of course, you can fly to the Maldives, but there are not fully get to relax all the time will work the head, and you never will be able to relax. The conclusion is that it is not where and how you rest, so I recommend doing the brain dumping.

Анастасия Барашкова: «Важно не где, а как ты отдыхаешь»

Anastasia Barashkova recommends that you have a brain, razgruzku: materials of press-services

— How to care for the face?

— Regularly visiting cosmetologists, do procedures such as treatments, massages.

— Do you have any homemade beauty recipes?

— Do at home masks, be sure to wash off the makeup wipe in the morning with ice skin, can make green tea is very refreshing.

— Can you afford to leave home without a drop of makeup?

— Can go. The most amazing thing is that like myself and others more than when painted. Therefore, in recent years, frequent exits from the house without Macapa. When the skin is well maintained, then I do not want to use makeup, and all so beautiful.

Beauty products always carry with you?

— Lipstick, perfume, powder.

Анастасия Барашкова: «Важно не где, а как ты отдыхаешь»

"If a person is spiritually beautiful, then that beauty will be reflected on his appearance" - sure, modelfoto: materials of press-services

— Your favorites in decorative cosmetics?

— As such favorites call I can't because they are not. I'm curious, so all are trying to, look, tastes my change very quickly.

— Favorite flavors?

— I love fancy perfume, "Molecule" love. All that is revealed on the body and creates magnetism

Your bold experiment with the appearance?

— Change hair color — from blonde to brunette. I somehow all of this made spontaneously and remained happy with it

For you women beauty?

Is primarily love. When a woman is loved, she is beautiful, spectacular, it draws all the best in your life. And of course, if the person is spiritually beautiful, then that beauty will inevitably be reflected in his appearance.


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