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5 signs of early degenerative disc disease

Why is it important to monitor your spine

The last decade, doctors are sounding the alarm about the fact that low back pain significantly "younger" — that is, they suffer all the people at an earlier age. Therefore, it is important to monitor your spine and be sure to take measures to prevent this serious disease.

What signs indicate the emergence of the problem and advice on how to deal with it, says the doctor of physical therapy and sports medicine, fitness trainer of the international class, the author of the system of exercises for the spine and joints of Alexander Bonin.

Sign 1. Pain under shoulder blade after a day's work

This condition indicates that the muscles of the shoulder blades during the day are in constant tension. Because of this they form the trigger zone — microplasma that violate the normal functioning of the muscle fibers and cause pain.

Very often it is observed in office workers: the nature of their work necessitates a long time to be in a monotonous sitting posture, placing the raised hand on the computer keyboard.

What to do?

To improve your health, you need to enter a simple rule — to make the evening special simple exercises to relief for the thoracic spine, and workout for the back muscles and the shoulder blades.

5 признаков раннего остеохондроза

Alexander Beninatto: materials of press-services

Characteristic 2. Fatigue and tension in the lumbar region

If the person is a passive way of life, does not do even simple exercises designed to tone the muscles of the body, that this Ghost is the first signal that the lower back is already strained due to severe overloads. That is, the muscles of this region are not able to cope with daily stress by passing them on the spine itself. The consequences can be quite disastrous!

What to do?

In this case, it is necessary to relax the low back, employing the applicators (Lyapko, Kuznetsova and others) and unloading exercises will suit those performed in the supine position and standing on all fours.

Sign 3. Pain in the back and the back of the neck

Another clear sign of a problem is the spasm of the muscles of the neck and cervical area. This is especially common in those who work a lot at the computer. Surge in muscles creates excessive stress on the cervical spine, which can cause the development of osteoarthritis.

What to do?

To ease the situation will help the self massage neck and shoulder, rest on the cushion orthopedic and execution handling exercises for the cervical area.

5 признаков раннего остеохондроза

Self-massage and massage can help relieve unnecessary stress, missphoto:

4. symptom Lower back pain when bending

This suggests that the muscles do not protect the lower back. Therefore, the slope appears excessive and uneven load on the spine, which causes irritation of nerves that pass through the muscles of the back numerous branches.

What to do?

At similar symptoms it is very important to focus on toning their own muscle, starting with the simplest exercises. You need to choose those that are performed lying on the back — they allow us not to involve the waist in workout. Useful to combine such exercises with the exercise for unloading the lumbar region in standing position on all fours.

Sign 5. Cardialgia

To recognize the cardialgia simple: it is a point stabbing pain in the heart that appears when you breath or when bending the torso. It never goes from the heart muscle and occurs due to compressions in the thoracic spine. One of the most common causes of this problem is the need to spend hours working in a sitting position. Because of these conditions thoracic spine is almost stationary. This causes a constant tension of the deep muscles of the spine. So when you inhale or tilting may occur the nerves of the thoracic, causing a sharp pinpoint pain in the heart.

What to do?

It is recommended to take a quality back massage for maximum relaxation of the deep muscles, and then gradually to connect the exercises to restore normal mobility of the thoracic spine, to not have such "clips" and not the painful spasms.


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