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5 ways to help yourself overcome stretch marks

You should change the diet and beauty tools

The stretch marks are a problem for many women. They arise as a result of pohudenii, sudden weight gain, pregnancy or genetic predisposition. It is not harmful to health, but bad for my computer's appearance. will talk about how to deal with them.

Food. The right diet is the Foundation of our health and beauty. If you want to fight against stretch marks, make sure that your skin has received all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Regularly eat fruits, vegetables, herbs, seafood, and lean meats. Don't forget to drink the daily rate of the liquid.

Sport. Optional to visit the gym and exhaust yourself with physical activity. Enough to make regular Jogging or go swimming. This will help to keep the body in shape and avoid sudden changes in weight.

Contrast shower. Take daily douches. This will help not only to Wake up in the morning, but also to normalize the metabolism. Alternate the temperature of the water 3-5 times during the procedure, ending it with cool water. It will improve blood circulation and tighten the skin.

Massage. To smooth out scars, massage the affected area 2 times a day. Use special creams or gels with collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Start with a moderate massaging, gradually replacing his light tingling and intense rubbing.

Oil. Vegetable oil moisturizes the skin. In ancient times women used argan oil for body care. It is clear that it is expensive, so you can safely replace it with a more affordable olive.


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