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Tips perfumer: 6 points which you need to apply your perfume

The perfume on each person sounds different. The smell depends on the characteristics of your skin, but not only...

It is also important how you apply your perfume. Here are six points that are "right" take the flavors and help them to open up fully.

The area behind the ears. These points are veins that heat up very thin skin. Therefore, the spirits in this area "heat" and evaporate intensively.

The inner side of the elbow. In the same way as in the points behind the ears, on the inner side of the elbow perfume sounds brighter. This will allow all day to enjoy their favorite flavor.

Hair. If perfume to put on damp hair, the scent will persist for much longer. To do this, gather the curls into a bun and spray some drops of perfume. After brushing, the liquid will be distributed along the entire length.

The stomach. In this zone, the body temperature is the highest. Even Marilyn Monroe used this secret and put the perfume in the navel. In her opinion, it adds sexuality and has a stimulating effect.

Back of the knees. While walking this area really heats up and your perfume is stronger. Warm air circulates from the bottom-up, so you will not feel their spirits. But others will hear fragrant trail after you left.

The area above the lips. If you want yourself to feel the flavor you chose for yourself, you should apply a few drops directly on the lips, under the nose. Just don't overdo it to a very strong smell killed your appetite.


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