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What is vocal yoga

An expert in this field is an Australian singer Peruque, methods which can be called original. She told about the unusual practice

What is vocal yoga?

This methodology based on knowledge about breathing and sound. Its principle is based on the fact that the ancient pranayama (breathing exercises) and the vocal exercises effectively eliminate the blocks and clamps in the body. The power of voice destroys internal blocks, updating on a physical, mental and emotional levels. Vocal yoga has integrated himself in Vedic knowledge, including knowledge of the seven sacred sounds — sa, re, GA, mA, PA, da, Ni.

How to do vocal yoga

There are many types of vocal yoga. One of the most popular — to bring the body into harmony. To begin find a quiet place where nobody hears you. In nature, of course, the practice will be easier. Take off your shoes, take a comfortable position, stretch the spine. Concentrate on your body and the breath, listen to the sounds around.

Что такое вокальная йога

Singer Peruquetti: materials of press-services

The first stage is a warming breath. Inhale through your nose, counting to seven. Breathing in, you should hold your breath for another four counts. Then slowly exhale through your mouth, again counting to seven. Lips need to make a small hole in the tube, as if you whistle. Technique suggest to add tension and relaxation of muscles. To this end, during inhalation, the hands slowly tense up (you can compress them into fists). This voltage is maintained during the entire breath hold. And during exhalation, the muscles gradually relax. You must feel in a few minutes the body warm or even heat.

Go to the mantra. To configure your consciousness at the beginning of practice propunem the mantra "OM". When propekanie this mantra sound starts in the abdomen, at the base of our body, rising above the level of the solar plexus and then in the heart, the throat and centre of the brain, ending with a level head. Then we make sound palette of the 7 sacred sounds: sa, re, GA, mA, PA, da, Ni. That is propunem these sounds. We finish the practice with the mantra "OM", bringing our body into balance.

In the final practice of meditation. There are several psychological and physical exercises used in spiritual and religious, or health practices. In the result you can immerse yourself in a particular mental state. Now there are many methods of meditation. Beginners are advised to start to meditate for ten minutes. To improve the effect turn on some soft slow music. The main principle of meditation is to be comfortable. So you just need to sit in a comfortable position for you. Maybe something tucked under the back. Arms folded in one of the positions which will be indicated by the master. And the main thing — to try to disconnect from the climbing to the head of the thoughts. Experts suggest to think out another idea and then try to relax, not starting to think about the following. Try not to concentrate on my thoughts. Such a relaxation for several minutes will help you feel new sensations.

By the way...

People who practice vocal yoga, as a rule, do not suffer from colds because they have well-developed throat chakra — Vishuddha.


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