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Say Yes to morning dance

Scientists have found that rhythmic PA in the morning work better than conventional charging

Remember how many times you promised yourself that tomorrow morning will do exercises. But the drowsiness prevailed, and the morning fitness went by the wayside. found a solution to this problem — immediately after waking up and play soft rhythmic music. Hearing your favorite music, your body will move to the beat, and after a couple of minutes you will already be warmed up.

According to the research results of the University of Missouri, morning dances bring incredible benefits to the body. And the thing that fiery rhythms normalize the endocrine system and slow down aging. Morning dens-therapy will set the perfect mood for the whole day and will increase its productivity.

The scientists also argue that such a charge is particularly necessary for older people. It improves the overall condition of their body and develops a sense of balance. This reduces the risk of falls and injuries, which entail serious consequences in adulthood. So with age it is especially important to visit the dance floor and move more.


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