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Top 9 foods for improving brain function

What should be in your diet for normal brain activity

Became forgetful and dropped productivity at work — it is likely that you are not eating healthy. talk about the categories of products that normalize brain.

Greens. Lettuce, cabbage, spinach and other greens should be on your Desk at least 6 times a week. They improve cognitive functions of the body and saturate the blood needed trace elements.

Fish. Sea fish is very important to have not less than 1 time a week. Omega-3 is the basis of your memory.

Vegetables. Use in cooking all the colors of the vegetables. Carrots, peppers, beets, zucchini — choose to your own taste.

Legumes. These products can be used at least 3 times a day. Lentils, peas or beans rich in nutrients.

Nuts. They will make your body healthy fats and vitamins. For normal nutrition lack of 5 small handfuls a week.

Топ-9 продуктов для улучшения работы головного мозга

Olive oil is called "nectar for the brain", Photo:

Berries. It's not only delicious, but incredibly nutritious. They are available not only during the summer season. Even frozen they are saved all useful properties.

Chicken. Poultry contains a large amount of vegetable protein needed for the brain. It should be in your diet at least 2 times a week.

Olive oil. Add this oil to all meals, but only fresh. After heat treatment it loses its properties. Olive oil is also called "nectar for the brain."

Red wine. This drink has a good effect on blood vessels and circulation. Though abusing alcohol is not worth 125 ml good red wine a day will not hurt.


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