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Attention to magnetic storms: what to do to not fall out of the normal rhythm of life

Meteorologists predict in November 2017 powerful geomagnetic variations

Meteopathy all have become commonplace. And regardless of age, all of us in varying degrees suffer from magnetic storms.

This natural phenomenon occurs in connection with increased solar activity and is accompanied by flashes on the Sun's surface. The Earth's magnetic field is experiencing the strongest vibrations that causes poor health. In the area of special risk are blood vessels and nervous system, headaches, tachycardia and pressure drops.

What you need to take. Drink more fluids, regularly ventilate the room and walk in the fresh air.

When heart disorder or dystonia be sure to wear the appropriate tablets.

Follow the normal sleep mode, take a cold shower and drink a soothing tea. At low pressure, you can drink a Cup of brewed coffee.

To relieve a headache will help you with specialized massage techniques.

To start massage the area between thumb and index fingers for 2 minutes, then pay attention to the point on the spine, which is located in the recess under the skull. It improves blood circulation and extend the vessels.

From what I should abstain. Avoid strenuous exercise and stress. During this period try not to drink alcohol, give up Smoking and do not eat heavy food.

When waiting for a magnetic storm. Period geomagnetic fluctuations occurred in the numbers 7-11 November and will last without interruption. Also, the magnetosphere is unstable November 15. Other days you can not worry about your health. Although particularly sensitive people will feel the symptoms before the start of the sun's activity.


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