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Emotional hunger and how to fight it

Julia Angel — beauty blogger, expert on beauty and health, business woman — how to overcome addiction to food

Parents taught us to eat well, that is meatier and satisfying. And the more the better — nourishing soup on the first, mashed potatoes with butter and cutlets for the second, a sausage sandwich and a bag of sweets for tea... for a Long time we thought that it should eat a normal person until each of us — sooner or later — is faced with problems of excess weight or violation of work of intestines. And the problem we often even aware of, but to abandon the usual diet can't is beyond us. Because life is so complicated, there must be at least some joy in it — at least in the form of cakes and chocolates?

You know, food addiction is not much different from alcoholism or drug addiction — the same psychological roots. The alcoholic needs a drink, the drug addict — to take a dose, dependent food people can't resist the temptation of delicious and unhealthy to eat. This process is virtually uncontrolled, and the taboos lead to serious emotional breakdowns. Hate to admit it, ashamed and afraid, but we need to hurry to recover from addiction.

In order to get rid of food addiction, you first need to listen to yourself and understand that you most often eat out of boredom or is it required by the body? In order to distinguish the psychological from the real hunger, ask yourself a few questions:

When was the last time you wanted there is a feeling arose suddenly, or was it cumulative? The fact is that psychological hunger always comes quickly. Physical — gradually: first, stomach is growling a little and then on the rise.

Эмоциональный голод и как с ним бороться

Real hunger you will agree to satisfy than pagnotto: materials of press-services

The "Napoleon" cake or a salad? With emotional hunger you always want something specific: sausage, chips, chocolate, pizza. Real hunger you will agree to satisfy anything. Ideally, healthy food.

In the stomach or the head? Physical hunger always lives in the stomach and manifests itself only in the same rumbling and emptiness. Psychological — in the head: you mentally to eat that whole counter of pastries in a candy store, imagining the taste and smell of juicy Burger or glazed donut...

This minute or you can wait? "Gastronomia" not urgent — desired delicacy should be served immediately to drown out yet another emotional setback. Physical hunger occurs when, after the previous meal has passed 5-6 hours. And the only way.

You feel ashamed of eaten another piece of cake? If the answer is positive, then this is emotional hunger, eat, and tormented by remorse at the same time. We get angry with ourselves and then we seize this feeling another Patty or candy.

Psychological hunger is the biggest cause of excess weight. It arises from the fact that in life we have and the soul is not all right. We seize stress, loneliness, sadness, boredom, petty troubles. So how do you cope with the unpleasant ailment?

Эмоциональный голод и как с ним бороться

Diversify your life - sports, dancing. yogipoco: materials of press-services

Accept that you are vulnerable to psychological hunger and try to figure out what emotions and reasons for his cause.

Think of what actions you could substitute another desire to eat something? Maybe you will sit at a favorite musical instrument or record in a personal diary, will begin to draw or just call a loved one.

Make food — instead of cake, eat a piece of fruit instead of crisps — nuts. The benefits will be much more!

Liven up your life with bright emotions — sign up for dance, yoga or just often walk in the fresh air. This will help you become more restrained, calmer and more harmonious.


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