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Don't do it during the critical days

To keep your balance, you must follow some rules

Diet. To stay energetic, you need to eat regularly. To recover lost strength eat foods rich in iron like meat and fish, legumes, nuts, and greens.

Eliminate fast food, too greasy and spicy food so as not to overload the already "suffering" body.

Exercise. Avoid heavy physical work, especially if you are experiencing pain in your back or stomach. Lifting weights, you risk to get complications or even aggravate bleeding.

Work. In several countries women during the critical days entitled to sick leave. We do not have this capability, but if the boss will allow you to take a day off, it is not necessary to abandon it. Given the mood swings associated with these days, the absences will help to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Unprotected intercourse. "These days," the chances of getting pregnant are quite low. But the possibility of catching an infection increases significantly. Therefore, until the end of the menstrual period sexual intercourse should be avoided.


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