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Wearing uggs is dangerous to health

Why should you abandon the shoes that managed to conquer the world

Australian boots have long won the love of many women. They are warm, comfortable and provide maximum comfort. Many of us would gladly jump at them through the snow, not knowing how it is harmful to health.

Doctors urge women to abandon this type of footwear. After all, most fans pgov become patients of orthopedists. They complain of pain in the knee joints, back and other serious problems. The fact that too soft and spacious shoes are not able to properly support the feet. Surgeons say that while wearing a Shoe changes the posture and body position in General.

Wearing pgov great loads on her knees. They pressed inward and deformed in the joints. Legs are X-shaped, there is friction between the joints that destroys cartilage.

If you are unable to abandon pgov, prefer correct models. Shoes should be the exact size and a good fitting shaft. A loose and soft boots, you can only be healthy people. If there is the slightest problem with the ligaments, posture or feet, it is better to do the usual boots with a small heel.


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