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Rules for effective weight loss

5 habits that will help you lose weight

Taking care of appearance, don't forget about health. Stringent dieting can make you thinner, but the dark circles under the eyes attractiveness will not add. In order to be slim and to keep your health is to follow a few tips nutritionists.

The exercises in the morning. An easy warm-up "run" your body and will set the perfect mood for the whole day. Therefore, in the next few hours you will be in good shape! So don't be lazy and turn in his morning schedule several rhythmic exercises.

Positive emotions. Our active rhythm of life requires a lot of energy and effort. Therefore, if you decide to lose weight, you need to draw a positive out of everything around you. Once awake, immediately open the curtains, turn on your favorite music or TV show. Going under an interesting plot, you will receive a charge of good mood.

The drinking regime. Of course, you should drink enough water during the day. But it's very important to observe the rule of "glass of water". Drink it for a few minutes before the first meal. This will help you to eat moderate amount of food at Breakfast.

In no case do not overeat. Your portion should not exceed the size of a fist. The most important meal is Breakfast. Don't miss it and don't perebivalis coffee instead of full meals. Your hunger in the afternoon will not be so strong.

Do not forget about the proteins. Them better also to include in the diet in the morning meal.


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