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7 reasons to abandon the bra

Many girls make the Breasts in Lacy captivity, not thinking about the possible dangers and other disadvantages

The bra does not save the Breasts from sagging. The fact that the pectoral muscle is to maintain a good shape requires regular exercise. With the constant support in bra these loads are significantly reduced.

With it, you can't breathe. Like the corset, tight straps and belt interfere with breathe.

Pain. Women with a large bust bra moves weight from the chest to the back and shoulders, causing pain. When refusal pealnogo sconces, or replace the top the discomfort disappears.

It is difficult to find a suitable model. And as you know, underwear-refundable and not exchangeable.

With bra, you cannot wear revealing clothes. This is especially true of dresses with open back. For this outfit change the bra with silicone lining, or a special sticker.

Spoil romantic moments. Remember, men find it difficult to cope with the damned buttons on the back. And have to worry about compatibility bra with panty.

They need a separate wash. Wash them in special bags, these hooks will make a puff on whatever he can get. And better simply do not wear.

The woman — a victim of stereotypes. Over the years the society oblige women to adapt to General rules, that breast should be exactly the same shape and size. Enough to squeeze itself under layers of foam and fabric. Without the bra your Breasts will remain individual.


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