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Exercises to relieve fatigue

A simple and effective stretch for the legs, which will take you just 15 minutes

This bunch of exercises will save you from feelings of fatigue and make your legs more endurance. It is important that all the exercises are simple and do not require high physical fitness. Perform them 3-4 approach, and within a week you will feel the results.

Stretching for the legs. Sit down on the floor face to the wall. Stretch your legs and rest against the wall feet. For the comfort podstolice on a floor pillow or blanket and sit on it. Do a forward bend as low as possible until you feel strong tension in the thighs and calves. To pull the cords first, make swaying movements, then hold in a tilted position for a few seconds.

Lie on your back with outstretched hands and put your feet on the wall with surly V. Gradually extend your legs wider. This will relieve foot swelling.

Mash fingers. Step forward with one foot. The second is the back. Bend the fingers on the front foot and press them to the floor. You should feel as stretched muscles of the hip. Hold this position for a few seconds and then relax your leg. Alternate the exercise on both legs.

Sit down on the chair. Left leg put on the right knee. Miss the fingers of his right hand through the fingers of the left leg, to the maximum extent possible to move them apart. Hold this position for a couple seconds and release the fingers. Alternate the exercise on both legs.


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