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Fasten perfume for the whole day

Open the secret of how to give vitality to the beloved perfume

Remember the situation when you bought a new perfume, and he (what a shame!) turned out to be quite stable. Had to carry around a bottle to refresh weathered flavor. But now this can be avoided using a little trick. You will be able to give any vitality to the spirits.

Extend the smell of your favorite songs will help you with ordinary vaseline. Spread some vaseline to the wrists and inner elbows. After you spray on these areas a few drops of perfume.

These points are recommended for the application of the perfume. Here the veins and blood vessels are close to the surface of the skin, so the spirits heat up and begin to work.

But why vaseline? It's simple. The fact that the perfume is best "sound" on wet skin. The vaseline also acts as a great moisturizing base-top coat, so the smell will be good to stay. And you can enjoy the fragrant composition throughout the day.


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