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And the morning is good: celebrate the New year without a hangover

Expert gives tips to a festive night passed without unpleasant consequences

Some suggest to drink before the feast of milk or butter. But milk loads the pancreas, causing severe poisoning and, hence, the hangover. Oil, fat and any fat will not help either: suction surface of the gastrointestinal tract — hundreds of square meters, as much fat to eat is simply impossible. In addition, suffer the liver. A hearty snack will also play a cruel joke: sooner or later the body will get a crushing blow of alcohol. After all, while he absorbed food a person drinks much more than normal, feeling almost sober. But this is only temporary, because the alcohol will still work. So remember: no milk and butter spoons inside, and oily and junk food — just small portions. Decide in advance what you will drink. No need to mix drinks with different degree of a fortress, made from grapes and grain, sparkling with strong alcohol. No need to drink soda, the more sweet — sugar increases the absorption of alcohol. Drink water with lemon and natural juices. If after the feast you feel sick — it is better to induce vomiting and cleanse the stomach.

И утро будет добрым: отмечаем Новый год без похмелья

Natalia Resinate: materials of press-services

Natalia Grishina, PhD, gastroenterologist, nutritionist:

— Many people want to drink without getting drunk and without a hangover. The best way to achieve this is 12 hours before the party to practice. Sports accelerate metabolism, and hence the processing of alcohol. But the measure will still need to know. Better to set yourself that you will drink and how much, and not to increase this dose. Before the party you can drink a vodka+tonic or a Cup of organic coffee. It activates the liver. Almost all fatal cases of alcohol poisoning are associated with a hearty snack. It should be low-fat, easily digestible. On the day of (and preferably before) refrain from pork, lamb, sausage, mushrooms, beans, barley, domestic goose and duck. Too much protein rich food is not time to be processed, and intestines begin putrefaction, which increases the severity of poisoning. Eating sauerkraut, zucchini, watermelon, apples and other fruits. To prevent and ease a hangover in a day, you can take amber and ascorbic acid (if no gastritis, ulcer), a couple of hours before sleep, take activated charcoal and empty the intestine, and then use the products with B vitamins (not multi-vitamins, namely vitamin supplements — B6 and B1). Aspirin can be taken after eight hours after the last drink. Can't drink with a hangover paracetamol. In the morning lean on fermented milk drinks, and green tea, broth hips, natural brew, a decoction of oatmeal. Well in the morning to drink a cucumber or cabbage brine without vinegar or regidron to restore the electrolytes.


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