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Very private: everything you wanted to know about intimate plastic

Professionals claim that this area of plastic surgery are interested in more and more people

Intimate plastic surgery is an important part of the surgery, hidden from the eye, but of great importance for the physical and psychological health. Traditionally, everything about the erogenous sensitive zones requires special trust between patient and physician. Although doctors are well aware that the discomfort of an intimate nature can cause unpleasant health problems and treat these things very seriously, for the patient to start a conversation about such needs is not easy. But often such a request absolutely necessary. On the importance of intimate health says the candidate of medical Sciences, plastic surgeon Andrew Kovyntsev.

"Consumer consciousness overthrows intimate plastic surgery to the level of Caprice, makes the need for improvement in this zone are optional. From the point of view of a layman, if you can live, hence, the need for intervention no. Do not forget that in our age of medicine is not only focused on salvation and healing, but also to improve the quality of life. It is even more true for plastic surgery, which lie on the intersection of health and beauty. So, at the intersection of physical and mental health. For most people maintaining a regular intimate life is an important part of a comfortable existence, and questions of confidence are not here in last place.

Despite the fact that intimate plastic seems fairly young, the first hints of interest in the subject already found in the ancient Greek myths about Aphrodite. They mention a special bath, which restored the purity of the goddess. The first operation to restore virginity hymenoplasty, was made in 1962 by Italian gynecologist Bernoulli. The operation was widely publicized and a certain number of patients. Not to say that it was very popular in those years. The society of the 21st century that has passed through the sexual revolution, and seemed completely overcome the shame, behaves exactly the opposite. In 2010, British surgeon Magda Hand said that the number of the operation to restore virginity has increased from 2-3 a week to 2-3 a day. However, hymenoplasty is just the tip of the iceberg of the intimate plastic surgery.

It is conditionally possible to divide the entire intimate plastic for aesthetic and functional. With the aesthetic problems and need to go to a plastic surgeon. Aesthetics include liposuction of the Mons pubis, for example, changing the shapes of large and small sex lips, contouring your intimate areas, rejuvenation of the genital organs. Standards of beauty in this hidden area there, but, according to experts,many patients refer to her appearance better, than to face correction.

If we are talking about problems with function and need a deeper intervention, as a rule, you should go to a gynecologist or urologist. The dysfunction is a result of trauma, childbirth, age-related changes. Often, a question arises: "what if a plastic surgeon offers deep functional operation, then he is cheating, because it is not an aesthetic issue?" I recommend looking at a specific surgeon. There are doctors that came in plastic just from urology or gynecology. It is likely that people specializiruetsya in this field of surgery. That is, as a rule, outer beauty meet plastic surgeons, and internal — narrow specialists. But this does not mean that it is never a pleasant exception.

Question exciting all: where are these problems? This may be an innate feature of the structure of the body. In most cases, a person is able to love itself for what it is. But there are times when some feature of the body for some reason does not suit the person. For example, asymmetry of the labia, hypertrophy of them, thin or short penis. In addition, problems are acquired. Possible consequences after childbirth, especially if the fetus was large, and, say, the patient stretched muscles. Or changed the shape of the penis after the disease. Of course, often you can safely live with it, but there are times when there is some discomfort. Hypertrophied labia majora, for example, may require increased attention to basic hygiene.

Очень личное: все, что вы хотели знать об интимной пластике

intimate plastic should not be taken as прихоть

Among those who have claims to the anatomic features of your body, and among those who "purchased" the problems in life, unfortunately, there are people willing to "suffer". Going back to what intimate plastic is perceived as a fad, it is worth noting that many people have aesthetic dissatisfaction is accompanied by very real pain and, as a consequence, loss of interest in important parts of human life — the sexual sphere.

The increased interest in intimate health is also associated with the expansion options. Before we could speak only about the surgery but now gaining momentum more gentle techniques. Now is actively developing the technique of the laser treatment. It can help to correct age-related changes of the mucosa, increase the muscle tone of the vagina, elasticity, remove postpartum scars. Many hospitals today offer intimate contouring, which is based on the introduction of products based on hyaluronic acid. This method allows without any intervention to solve the problem with the volume of the labia, to eliminate the dryness. In the end, the most fashionable trend and a very popular service today — correction "G spot". The patient is injected filler and the thrill increases.

What would be difficult to access a specialist the subject matter, it is important to remember that we are talking primarily about health. And the genitals need the same attention as the face, teeth, and any other bodies".


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