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Plastic surgery vs cigarettes

Well-known Russian experts argue whether Smoking before the mammoplasty seriously increases the risks

American Anthony youn, a plastic surgeon, a popular blogger, suddenly shocked the public categorical statement: Smoking a cigarette on the eve of mammoplasty seriously increases the risks of necrosis of the nipple. However, he has a solution — the use of medical leeches. People were worried and wondered who in this message, more — plastic surgeon or all the same a popular blogger? We talk with Russian specialists in the field of plastic hirurgii.

There is strong risk of the smoker?

"If we confine ourselves to the very idea of "Smoking is not conducive to tissue healing," in principle, this American counterpart is true. But it is only in very very rough examination of the problem. Smoking, of course, worsens the blood circulation. But necrosis still need to bring. Why, in fact, there is necrosis? It is a violation of the trophic. This means that during surgery the surgeon for some reason did not pay enough attention to the blood supply of the nipple. Maybe something not noticed. Anatomy we are all different, and the main supplying blood vessel of the nipple can be different. We, by the way, why do vascular ultrasound before the operation," — says the candidate of medical Sciences, a leading expert on breast augmentation surgery and body Yurii Dikov.

Пластическая хирургия против сигарет

Whether Smoking before the mammoplasty improves риски?

The important point is the complexity of the operation. According to experts, mammoplasty mammoplasty strife.

"I want to be clear: breast implants — this concept is buildable. It includes breast augmentation, mastopexy, breast reduction and breast reconstruction. Necrosis of the nipple is sometimes in women who smoke. In the ordinary breast enlargement this is not happening. It probably is about operations when you want to move the nipple. This happens when mastopexy — lifting, breast reduction, or reconstruction. But still, these risks are not great. Accurate statistics in fact, nobody knows, — says the candidate of medical Sciences, plastic surgeon, full member of Russian society of plastic aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons Dmitry Tsvetkov. Nicotine causes spasm of blood vessels, hence all the problems. During the surgery, so swelling occurs, the blood vessels are compressed, and the nicotine adds nothing good. A good surgeon, of course, will not allow such a development. If I have the slightest suspicion, I will propose treatment options without waiting for complications."

"Smoking has nothing to do with it — says the doctor of medical Sciences, plastic surgeon, member of the Russian society of plastic surgeons, the American society of facial plastic surgeons, European society of rhinology David grishkyan. — In General, any bad habits moderate wing strongly influence must not. Although I my patients say that a glass of wine much better cigarette. If a physician such cases occur regularly, I would have asked him a question: whether it is sufficiently attentive to the vessels during surgery? I understand that greatly increase the risk of serious diseases, such as diabetes. But to necrosis of the patient to bring it!"

Yurii Dikov said that patients of plastic surgery clinics in the mass, all the people are quite healthy, they have on your body the time and money. "Let's think logically. As a rule, patients of the plastic surgeon, people generally look after themselves. And that Smoking has had any decisive action, the overall picture must not be very good. Even if this happens, then the cause is either incorrect work with the tissue, without blood supply to the nipple, either in the anatomy of a particular person".

What have leeches?

The use of medical leeches in the treatment, though, and sends us back to the times of ancient prose, is quite scientific, and is called hirudotherapy. In the 18th century almost any disease started treating with setting leeches. In this way in the old days not only treated, but also "suggests beauty." Russian noblemen and even Royal personages, on the eve of the ball, put leeches behind the ears to face had a healthy glow, and were forces for a long dance.

Пластическая хирургия против сигарет

The use of leeches in surgery described давно

"Leech injected into the blood special troversial substance, plus suck the excess blood, which may be under the areola, — explains Dmitry Tsvetkov. — It is necessary to "unload" the vasculature and improve blood circulation. Every surgeon to correct these problems your method. If I see on their operations that I have suffers from the blood supply to the nipple, then taking ozone therapy. Another surgeon it can be a solution of hormones, papaverine, heparin ointment".

The use of leeches in reconstructive surgery at the same described for a long time. They are used for the treatment of skin grafts c poor circulation. Hirudotherapy mentioned in the literature, even the founding fathers of plastic and reconstructive medicine. In the 19th century, the Berlin surgeon, Dieffenbach, o reported 17 cases of the successful use of leeches after plastic surgery. "Leeches are struggling with stagnation. We are still in residency, 20 years ago, at the reconstructive surgeries, transplant grafts, went for leeches, says David grishkyan. -So call the use of leeches in plastic and reconstructive surgery news I would not dare".

"What can go wrong with the blood supply? There is a flow of blood, and there is an outflow. If problem with outflow, and there is swelling and congestion, leeches, of course, will help. If nothing was done to the normal blood supply to the nipple, so there's no inflow, I don't think leeches are effective, — says Yuri dick. — Generally, I don't see patients who came in the ultra-modern center for beauty, was delighted with the proposal to put leeches".

"In American culture, a healthy lifestyle is promoted at the level of religion. So I'm not surprised there arose such a sweeping statement. Probably it just needs to be correlated with the cultural characteristics of the country. So our patients have nothing to fear" — sums up David grishkyan.


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