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Avoid these mistakes when playing sports

9 rules that many disregard many fans HLS

As it turned out, even experienced athletes during workout, commit a serious error. Some of them have already become a habit, other -imposed stereotype. However, they can cause health problems.

Fitness without shoes. During biofeedback training does not adequately cushioning of the foot, shifting the center of gravity and creates a large load on your spine.

Deodorant. In training, this is unnecessary, because your body is very hot. Sweating is a natural process, during which excess water, toxins and toxins. So do not specifically block the pores before training.

Athletic clothing. Choose costumes made of materials that do not adhere to the skin and allow the body to breathe. Avoid fabrics made of 100% cotton. Give preference to diving, footer etc.

Jogging on asphalt. This coating is too rigid and does not absorb the shocks from your steps. In the end, running creates a lot of pressure on the spine and knees, leading to flatfoot. For Jogging choose the courts or Jogging trails in the parks.

Classes with music in the headphones. Combining sports with such music may lead to violation of the hearing aid. If you can't do without music, then at least reduce the volume.

Classes and fatigue. If you do not have the strength even in the morning to get out of bed, then speech can not go about training. In this condition benefit from them and the harm completely.

Drink only when you want. During training you need to keep drinking regime and drink a few SIPS every few minutes. When there is thirst, your body is already dehydrated.

Running at the track. While running, you breathe deeply. Running near the road, you breathe in dust and car exhaust.

Running in the morning. Actually the best time for a run after eight in the evening. You should only run an hour after dinner. After the running, also do not eat for another 40 minutes.


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