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How not to get infected in the gym

A list of the most "dirty" places on the territory of fitness

Daily your favorite gym is visited by hundreds of people. This is not only a place for a useful exercise, but also a source of huge amounts of dangerous bacteria. We'll show you how to protect yourself from them.

The locker room. This place is the most dangerous, especially the shower. Here go barefoot, leaving on the floor surface spores, and thrown on the bench sweaty things, where bacteria as well.

Try not to touch bare parts of the body to any surfaces, walk in shower Slippers and bring your towel.

Yoga Mat. Surely you've never seen someone after themselves cut Mat for fitness. Yes and the club is usually prohibited. It is difficult to imagine how many bacteria accumulated there.

You should purchase your own personal Mat and practice on it. Or choose exercises that you can do without.

Weights and treadmill. They are almost all the visitors. Touch them, sit on them or lie on their surface flow down the drops of other people's sweat.

Those parts of the simulator that you touch, it is better to wipe with disinfectant wipes. After use wash thoroughly hands and in any case, do not touch them to face.

Drinking fountain. In training, everyone wants to drink. Therefore, it becomes an assemblage of different bacteria, because the mixer hardly cleaned regularly.

There is a solution — carry a water bottle with you. And another important rule: do not use reusable plastic bottles with the designation PET.

Pool. This place is very dangerous, because you can inadvertently take a SIP of water. And there are particles of sweat, skin, etc., not all consider it necessary to take a shower before entering the pool area.

Always carry in swimming goggles and a swimming cap. Take a shower after his visit.

If the room is the acrid smell of chlorine — the water is very dirty and the chlorine is fighting with microorganisms in it.


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