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Conduct detox after the holidays

New year holidays have zakonchilis. Enter into the usual rhythm of life with restoration of proper nutrition and sleep. It is best suitable for this fasting days

Option 1

Breakfast: porridge on the water (buckwheat, oats), 200 g of Herbal tea. 1 piece of dark chocolate.

Snack: baked apples with honey, 1-2 pieces a Decoction of rose hips.

Lunch: salad with squid, egg (whites), Chinese cabbage and fat-free sour cream, 150-200 g of Green tea.

Dinner: fish, 150-200 g, cauliflower or broccoli, 250-300 g for a couple. Low fat kefir — 0,5 L.

Option 2

Breakfast: mashed potatoes on the water 150-200 g of Green tea. ½ Or 1 marshmallow candy.

Snack: baked pears without sugar, 1-2 PCs

Lunch: boiled or roasted poultry (the breast without the skin), 150-200 g Stewed zucchini.

Dinner: low fat cottage cheese, 150-200 g, jelly.

Option 3

Breakfast: spaghetti with cheese (30 g) — 150-200 g. Green tea, marmalade, 1 piece.

Snack: banana, 1 EA.

Lunch: vegetable soup, 150-200 g portion of boiled or baked meat, 150 g Broth hips.

Dinner: salad "whisk" (raw beets, carrots and cabbage), 250-300 g, fat-free yogurt.

Проводим детокс после праздников

Natalia Resinate: materials of press-services

Natalia Grishina, PhD, gastroenterologist, nutritionist:

— You can start small: eliminate from the diet of salt meats, sausages and canned foods, strong tea, coffee and alcohol. But every day need sure to please: a piece of cheese, dark chocolate, marmalade, marshmallow. It improves mood and helps to overcome depression associated with lack of sunlight, possible intoxication after abundant feasts. Should get back to normal mode and go to bed no later than eleven in the evening. To fall asleep easier, it is recommended to go for a walk before bed at least half an hour. Meat can be replaced with fish or seafood to add to your diet some nuts and dried fruit. Vegetables should preferably be boiled, steamed or stewed. It is important to eat four to five times a day, last time to eat two hours before bedtime. Don't forget that a healthy person per day is required at least half a liter of water. If all started with the aggravation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the diet should be more strict: in the first days it is desirable to limit cereals, mashed potatoes, broth hips and grass jelly. All of this should be on the water. If you have a heaviness and pain in the epigastric region, disgust for food, headache and dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, and a history of pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), it is necessary to call "ambulance".


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