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How to avoid winter injuries

5 tips from a professional trauma specialist that will help you survive the ice and snow

Winter injury increases dramatically. It knows every orthopedic trauma, forced even after hours seeing patients in the emergency room. The colder it is outside, the more snow and ice — the longer the queue to the doctor. If, however, there is no ice, the abundance of injuries is becoming an epidemic. Traumatologist-orthopedist, doctor, candidate of medical Sciences, leading specialist in the field of sports traumatology and the treatment of sustiva Yuri Glazkov said how to behave, to in the winter time not to injure yourself.

What kind of damage you can get when you fall on ice?

Most often people who fall on the ice, diagnosed:

- fractures;

- sprains;

- traumatic brain injury and concussion;

- hematoma (a large "bruise");

- soft tissue injuries.

Some injuries are light. They are unpleasant, but do not involve a violation of the integrity of the structures of the musculoskeletal system. Other injuries are quite serious and without medical help person can not do.

Как избежать травм зимой

Traumatologist-orthopedist, doctor, candidate of medical Sciences, leading specialist in the field of sports traumatology and the treatment of sustiva Yuri Glashutte: materials of press-services

Here are the most common reasons for treatment in emergency rooms in the winter time:

- fractures of the wrist joint;

- fracture of the humerus — if you fall, relying on the elbow;

- a hip fracture — often occurs in women after menopause;

- injuries of the ankle joint;

- head injury.

5 tips to avoid winter injuries

1. Choose the right shoes

The sole should be ridged. Otherwise, grip it with the surface will be weak. You will slip and fall.

Should refuse to uncomfortable shoes. Do not wear high-heeled boots or platform. You can tuck the leg and dislocate the ankle joint. The heel should be steady. It is desirable that its height did not exceed 4 cm.

2. Refrain from uncomfortable clothes

Some types of clothing make a person slow-moving, awkward. So he keeps the bad equilibrium when it slips. To the number of unwanted items of clothing include:

Volume caps that impede the review, limiting the field of view.

Voluminous jackets, including hooded they not only interfere with the review, but make you clumsy.

Long coats or coats. When walking up a slope or stairs, they can become the cause of the fall, because that will be confused in the legs.

Too tight skirt or pants, limit the mobility of the legs. They cause discomfort when walking, reduce the length of the step and not allow you to maneuver to restore equilibrium.

In winter the beauty is to be preferred to convenience. However, one does not exclude the other. Just buy clothes that will be both beautiful and comfortable.

Как избежать травм зимой

In winter the number of traumas abruptly, uvelichivaetsya:

3. Follow basic safety rules, engaging in winter sports

A winter playing hockey, skiing and ice skating. These sports are very traumatic. To protect your limbs from damage, observe the basic safety rules for winter sports:

Do not try to "over my head": do not develop speed beyond measure, don't try to do difficult tricks.

Be careful and look around. Even if you are a professional, you can overtake from behind the newcomer, who are on skis.

You should not dress too warm. You will sweat and might get cold.

If you have never been skiing or ice skating, spend a few sessions with an instructor. It will help adapt to the new sport, not stuffed cones. Moreover, not only metaphorically, but literally. Bumps on forehead do will be less.

4. Do not drink alcohol

It is believed that spirits can be drunk "for warmth". But it's not. Subjective feeling actually arises from the fact that the body gives off heat to the environment.

But most importantly, alcohol impairs coordination and reduces the threshold of sensitivity as to cold and to pain. It relieves fear and pushes people to reckless acts. Therefore, people in a condition of alcoholic intoxication injured more often.

5. Fall correctly

Not every fall ends with broken bones or dislocated joints. Anyone can fall. But we must do it correctly to avoid injury.

If you slipped and feel that here-here will fall:

- do not expose forward hands — better bend them to soften the fall;

- tighten your muscles and brace;

- don't fall on the tailbone, try to fall on your buttocks and roll to the side;

- don't fall back sit to the side;

- if you fall on your back cannot be avoided, try at least not to hit his head on the ground to prevent concussion: for this, push your chin to your chest.

If to avoid injury has failed, it is necessary to consult a doctor for help. In the case where you can't get to the emergency room, ask for support from people around you or use the phone to call an ambulance.


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