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We go to the bath. But what to choose

Turkish Hammam, Finnish sauna, Japanese barrel — versed in the peculiarities of different types of paired

Winter is chomping at the bit to go to the steam room and then do a surface dive in a cool pool. But what to choose? After all, their variety is striking: first come to mind, classic versions like the Russian bath, the Turkish Hammam or the Finnish sauna, but then there is the exotic — Japanese ofuro barrel or Indian swedana. And most importantly, what suits you, from which you will get the maximum benefit?

When the streets were dank, so I want to go with a group of friends in the bathhouse and chat about life. At least to warm up, but however have fun and even strengthen the immune system. Agree, after a hot bath it is nice to run outside and lie in the snow. But be careful — the unprepared body can not withstand the load, and is seriously ill after this "recovery" is not difficult. Therefore, start gradually. For a first time visit to the steam room would be sufficient. And to diversify your leisure time will help many types of baths that come to us from other countries. We will tell you about them, and you choose to your taste.

Russian bath

For our rights everyone is familiar with the usual Russian bath? Winter warm up once again the doctor ordered! Besides it is very useful if you follow all the recommendations. It is believed that Russian bath as close as possible to the natural conditions of the body and has a less shock impact than, for example, a Finnish sauna. Temperature does not rise above seventy degrees, and the humidity matches the one on the street (forty to seventy percent).

Идем в баню. Но какую выбрать

Russian bath - the most familiar Russian chelovekopotok:

But steam have all the rules. Ideally, you should go to the steam room three times for ten minutes with the same rest intervals. The first time lie down to get used to high temperatures. Then gradually move to the ceiling, where the temperature is even higher (on the top shelf she reaches up to one hundred degrees). In between visits to the steam room to take a cold shower or a dip in the pool. If you are well warmed up, you don't get sick, even when pounded with snow. The second approach can actively be soared with a broom, and in recent triturated. In addition, in the steam room good doing inhalations with medicinal herbs. Effective is the scrub or peeling, then you can use a nourishing mask for body, face or hair. After the third call does not immediately run out of steam, better go down and have a little sit down and don't forget to compensate for the lost water by drinking kvass, juice or tea. We can wash at the end or in between. And don't forget stay in the bath should not exceed three hours (this includes the preparation to steam, steaming, washing and rest).

Bath is recommended in chronic bronchitis, tonsillitis, bronchial asthma and sciatica. Contraindications are chronic diseases in the acute stage, any acute disease, and heart disease. Also keep in mind that to go to the bath immediately after a meal is impossible, you should wait a couple of hours. Can take alcoholic drinks and sweating, if you feel unwell.

Turkish Hammam

Hammam obliged its origin to the Roman therms and is visually very reminiscent of them. Everywhere marble mosaic, stone sofas — in General, solid beauty. The room is heated with a large pot of water, and the steam formed from its boiling point, is fed through holes in the walls or floor. On view are so different, steam room and Hammam similar effect on the human body. However, there are differences. In the Russian bath is not very hot, but humidity is high. In the Hammam, the temperature is about the same (not higher than sixty degrees), but the humidity comes up to ninety percent. This air has the best conductivity, making deeper warm up the muscles, bones and joints. That is why a visit to the Hamam helps to relax after physical exertion.

Идем в баню. Но какую выбрать

After the steam bath you can swim in bassanetti:

Any bath helps to strengthen immunity, accelerate metabolism and detoxification. In the Hammam, this occurs gently. Also its relaxing effect calms the nervous system, improves sleep, headaches. After the Hammam to change the skin: the pores are opened, it becomes pure and radiant. Has a positive impact Hammam and hair. Thanks to the combination of high humidity and low temperature, they do not get too dry, but rather moist. Don't want to just sit in the steam room? Make complex cosmetic treatment: soapy massage, exfoliation using a special mitten or, for example, wraps. Also in the Turkish bath are well accepted essential oil, so the campaign can be supplemented with aromatherapy.

In the East it is believed that it is best to go to the Hammam in the morning, because at that time the body is easier to relax and it is more susceptible to the cleansing procedures. Generally, in terms of urban stress and lot of work to go see it at least once a week. It is not recommended that the Hammam only to people with asthma, high blood pressure and those who suffer from skin diseases.

Finnish sauna

Temperature can be very high — up to a hundred degrees, but the humidity is only fifteen percent. Due to such low humidity the heat easier to bear. Interestingly, earlier in the Finnish sauna have not used a broom and was just warmed up and sweating. Today, many saunas, including in Finland, happy to be soared with a broom and even watered the rocks.

Идем в баню. Но какую выбрать

A visit to the baths can be turned into a real Spa, rawalpora:

In General, the effects of the sauna pretty hard. In conditions of extreme heat lungs begin to work harder, the heart is actively pumping blood, improves blood circulation. Hot air, which we breathe, stimulates the supply of blood to the mucous membranes. Strong warming up the body's metabolism, the body tries to cope with a stressful situation, strongly highlighting the sweat and the products of metabolism. That is why the sauna is recommended for athletes: in the hot air lactic acid from the muscles out faster, and with it pain and stress. But people suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, it is not recommended to visit it. High temperature causes the heart to race, which is unacceptable for those who have pathology of the cardiovascular system. If a person is sick with diabetes, suffering from atherosclerosis, lung disease — a sauna for him banned. Better not to risk and during pregnancy. And don't forget: stay in the Finnish sauna lowers blood pressure, so if you have it low initially, consult your doctor.

Japanese ofuro barrel

Ofuro, Japanese bath, a cedar barrel, barrel — these names hides one type of steam, which significantly differs from the classical bath temperature (only forty degrees) and humidity (as much as one hundred percent). This combination allows you to get rid of excess weight in just a few treatments. Actively sweating, you lose not only water stored fatty tissue, but the calories. The cells begin to get more oxygen and nutrients. In addition, the heated cedar highlights volatile, contributing to strengthening the immune system, and water is added specially selected oils and herbs. Rich medicinal substances steam penetrates deep into the pores, and in the morning after a session you will see how different the appearance of the skin: she literally shines from the inside. The effect on the body is very soft. The design of the barrel ofuro (the head in the soaring necessarily remains outside) allows you to luxuriate in the steam room even the elderly and immunocompromised people. Contraindications are few: it is the exacerbation of chronic diseases and diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Even pregnant women can find a suitable program.

Идем в баню. Но какую выбрать

Head in the steam room better than that sedicicorto:

Indian swedana

The word "swedana" in Sanskrit means "covered with sweat", and this bath looks pretty exotic — like a wooden chest. Before the procedure you will massage. And only after that you can go to a special box where the head is outside and the body inside, because, according to Ayurveda, heating the head is harmful. At the bottom of the trunk, pour water with healing herbs, which is then converted to steam. The temperature inside should be comfortable (up to forty-five degrees). The steaming time varies for each person (usually swedana stop when the forehead starts to sweat). The fact that excessive bath may cause dizziness, thirst or rash. Therefore, it is better not to overload yourself. When steaming is finished, the pairs stop and the body slowly cools. Keep in mind that the sharp rise it is impossible: first, slowly sit down, then stand up, and only ten minutes to take a warm shower. Swedana balances the body, opens the channels in the body and improves blood circulation. This is one of the main treatments for those who pass the Indian cleansing of the body — the Panchakarma. Bath helps with back pain, arthritis and problems with the nervous system. You cannot make it during pregnancy, obesity if you have heart disease or blood are dizziness.


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