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Formula active winter

Waited! Winter has completely come to its rights: in the street the frost and drifts of unmelted snow! Began to appear in the sun!

And though daylight already added, feel fatigued and want tangible support. Over the weekend to rest and recover really does not work, and fatigue from the cold and gloom leads to a weakened immune system, frequent colds and SARS. And not only that, to work around continually smugaua and coughing colleagues, and even in transport, you never know what you will nadiat, and that will bring children from kindergarten or school. But cannot afford to get sick, or rather I do not want... because then all the plans fall apart and things piling up and growing like a snowball. And I want to put on protective antiviral costume, not to fall with a runny nose, a sore throat and a temperature of 38.

Of course no protective suit, no! And what is there? There are competent, right tool that will help you not to lose it and not ache — "Derinat".

This medicinal product against SARS and virus flu, it helps to restore and strengthen the protective forces of a mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, the main defensive barrier of the organism.

In winter it suffers greatly from frost and dry batteries heating air, which could disrupt its integrity, and it is open the entrance gate for any airborne infection. And Derinat helps you to awaken your own immune system — a complex system of immune cells that recognize the aliens and give them all-round, decent, adequate resistance, and therefore the chances of not getting sick increases significantly without any harm to the body. If a viral attack were too strong and the disease has yet occurred, "but" helps to struggle against not only viruses but also bacteria, thereby preventing possible secondary complications of the disease, helping to recover more easily, in a short time.

"Derinat" is correct, a universal remedy against viruses, even for the youngest members of the family, literally from birth.

Well, once the virus can rebuff, then you can enjoy the nice winter days, long walks with the kids when you can have fun making snowmen, sledding and roll around in the fluffy snow! Not to miss school, to walk to work, not much worrying about the fact that you have to take sick leave or to carry the disease "on their feet". The entire cold season, you can be under reliable protection, because "but" does not suppress the immune system, and just awakens cell defenders of our body to help them quickly recognize and eliminate the virus, thereby increasing the chances not to get sick or to facilitate the treatment and course of the disease. Good and right to continue taking Derinat and at the stage of recovery, to strengthen the weakened immunity and to restore the protective properties of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, thereby to avoid the imminent recurrence.

Формула активной зимы

The winter viruses are raging, the weather leaves much to be desired, and I would like to have heat and the sun! Don't forget Derinat — a tool that will support you and your family in flu season: don't get sick, it is easier to recover, or recover after illness! "Derinat" is to do everything not to hurt, not the virus.

Формула активной зимы

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