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What scents do you prefer blondes, brunettes and redheads — how to choose the right perfume as a gift

Valentine's day, Fatherland defender's Day and international women's day — all these holidays are United by the concern of selection of gifts. One of the most common gifts for such holidays is perfume. Actor Sergey Gubanov, who has several years of experience in the production of spirits, shared the secrets of a correct choice of flavor.

Sergey is convinced that the trend of the season — unisex perfume suitable for both men and women. On the one hand, it may make it easier to find gifts, but don't change the rules that are recommended to observe in a perfume shop.

Какие ароматы предпочитают блондинки, брюнетки и рыжие

Sergey Gubanova: materials of press-services

Consider the time of year when you will use aroma. Perfume gift for Valentine's Day, you can choose both winter and summer. If the warming will come early and the spirits seem your spouse is too heavy (winter), they can simply defer until the next fall or use them at night. For the holidays February 23 or March 8 you should choose a spring / summer scent. That is something light, weightless. Perfect aromas with hints of citrus.

Consider the age. Girls up to 25 years suitable notes of violet, Lily of the valley, currant. After a 25 — peony, citrus. If a lady of about 40, give preference to the more noble flavors — figs, the bergamot. The middle-aged women can be like musk, a combination of Mimosa and carnations.

Keep in mind their desires. Choosing a fragrance for a close person, for example your significant other, focus on your taste and how you wish he or she smelled. If you personally like the smell, feel free to take it! In this sense, you make a gift for not only someone, but also yourself!

Not overdo. During one trip to the store test no more than five flavors. Otherwise, you will not be so sensitive to smell and can miscalculate choice.

The choice of perfume depending on personality type. Bright blondes with blue eyes can rejoice in the delicate, transparent fragrance with notes of fruits and greens. Ladies with brown hair and bright eyes is likely to prefer sweet, floral, but not very exotic perfume. Brown-haired women or redheads — to appreciate the bright flavors with a floral palette. Do not pass by a spicy, Oriental perfume. Hot, but maybe cold brunettes — lovers is bright, but not sickly-sweet aromas. Business man choose notes of sandalwood and cedar. Temperamental — patchouli, amber, cardamom, vanilla. Creative — thyme, sage, cedar, cinnamon, pepper. Romance — musk, pink pepper, lavender, cedar. Athlete — citrus and marine fragrances.


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