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A novel with food: 5 steps to beauty and health

Maria Skryabina, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, chemotherapist, wellness coach, told why we become addicted to the rolls, and gave advice on how to get rid of food addiction

Women are unique in all its manifestations. They are emotional, passionate and from time to time indulge in adventure. But because of his natural emotion constantly looking for support and assistance. Waiting for approval from his superiors, recognition from colleagues, especially the confirmation of its exclusivity in a partner.

Wanting to be successful, beautiful and "good girls", we are saddled with a lot of commitments, and five-then pull hard.

In the morning, barely opening his eyes, begin to plan: we clean the house to clean, a job not to be late, and in the evening to meet fresh and well-groomed husband. But the life introduces the corrective amendments: before the entry to the kindergarten the child was naughty, shirts were not ironed and the dishes not washed. How come a good wife and mother needs to do everything and it is desirable not to yell at the kids!

Rolls fatigue, but the day has just begun, and ahead of work...

And here found the way "He" a fridge full of quick and cheap consolations. This friend fills solid, smooth shoulder and the handle will be served — will open, and inside a lot of gifts!

Роман с едой: 5 шагов к красоте и здоровью

Mary Scramento: materials of press-services

Many years ago, began my own love affair with food, which was intended as any novel — for entertainment. And then, to my surprise, resulted in a codependent relationship from food, "bulgarism", and then escalated very very bad disease.

So, internally, I began to study eating disorders.

My height — 170 cm, weight — 67 kg, I'm not pitoresca, but not molkoholic.

Let's answer a few questions:

1. Why do we start a love affair with food?

It all starts with a sweet mother's milk is an expression of love and enjoyment of life, because without joy and warmth to the little man is difficult to grow in this difficult world. We grow up, but the habit remains. And the easiest way strain relief from responsibility, multitasking, insecurity — eat a quick carbohydrate. First it was Smoking, but, like, it won HLS.

2. Why the consumption of fast carbs is equivalent to dependencies like drug and alcohol?

See how it works: our body is so constituted that, when you sedate sweet/flour, este fast a carbohydrate, it causes an immediate release of insulin.

Meanwhile, low carbohydrate foods highly acidic pH of our intestines and then our blood. In the condition of acidic environment, the receptor cells that are friends with the insulin, become deaf and do not pass the glucose, which they "handle" leads insulin. Insulin becomes too much on the sweet pulls more. There is a insulinrezistentnost, which is known as predlahaly diabetes.

Then the diabetes of the second type, a complete violation of carbohydrate metabolism, liver function, increased cholesterol, clogging of blood vessels. As a consequence, the risk of strokes and heart attacks increased to the maximum.

But isn't it like taking the drug for a moment of relaxation — a huge health threat.

Роман с едой: 5 шагов к красоте и здоровью

Food addiction similar to narkoticheskoi:

3. What can we do to preserve the independence and safety?

Step 1. Before putting a piece in his mouth, identify their need: what I really need at this point? Do I really need to eat? Or is it a means of combating fatigue, lack of confidence and the assumed excessive responsibility?

Step 2. Each of us is an amazing gentle creature — the child inside.

When we do not believe in yourself, when something did not work, our inner child suffers. He wants love and support and finds easy solution is to eat something sweet: candy, ice cream, Burger.

But this is not love, and the likeness of love. When we in response to stress sakerligen yourself with candy, whether we like ourselves or is it regret?

Step 3. It is necessary to identify and deal with automatic thoughts. The following is their "hit parade", which I made up based on conversations with my patients with eating disorders:

- I know I can't eat it, but I don't care - nothing bad will happen if I eat a piece;

- I can not resist and not eat it, I am weak and helpless;

- I already ate something I shouldn't have, so today I may not comply with your diet;

- I worked so hard, want to relax, I can afford dinner treats.

Роман с едой: 5 шагов к красоте и здоровью

Replace the intake of junk food a massage or your favorite, knighte:

Step 4. Instead of automatic thoughts to create a balanced, creative thought: how can I support my inner child, except sweet Eclair?

Take a pencil, draw a circle. Try to draw a sector in this circle, which displays the pleasure derived from food. Think of three more similar-sized sector. What you like: massage, reading books, bath with candles? Many girls came to the conclusion that for finding inner balance them enough for 20 minutes of peace to drink tea in a cafe, or alone in silence. Perhaps for you Hobbies: scrapbooking, diamond, embroidery, music.

It is important to find cases in which we can draw inspiration to build, not to destroy yourself.

Step 5. You must accept your feelings, talking with them from a position of a wise parent. And before you put "cookie" in his mouth, to say its the most vulnerable part that she really wants to hear:

"I love you. I will not let anyone hurt you. Valuable you are. You're doing great, but you need to rest. I'm with you, I won't let you spoil your health and will help to find a functional solution".

Find healthy and tasty products, from which you will be able to enjoy. Fruits, salads, seafood, flaxy from flax chips from natural apples — the Internet is rich really tasty and simple PP-recipes. Look, feel: what actually your body wants?

Every morning get up thinking how you will meet yourself in 5 years — a slender, beautiful independent.

What are you? What are your thoughts? Who is with you? What are you wearing? How do you feel?

And most importantly, how will you be in five years, grateful to yourself and real for your patience, courage and love!

Write these words and repeat them every day. This is your personal affirmation.

Believe in yourself and everything will work out.



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