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Who will win — you or the cellulite

The holiday season is around the corner, and many women have sat down on a diet to look your beach best. But what to do with the dreaded "orange peel"? learned how to get rid of this problem

Cellulite is a secondary sex characteristic in women, so characteristic relief on the buttocks and legs can be observed even in lean models. If the surface of the moon became more dramatic and pronounced, it may indicate the presence of endocrine disorders. Gynecologists associate cellulite with ovarian dysfunction and adnexitis, phlebologists — varicose development. To cope with cellulite, it is necessary to normalize metabolism, and primarily the circulatory and lymphatic systems, restore microcirculation.

Drink at least one and a half liters of clean water per day. To stimulate the excretion of fluids, take a SIP about every 20-30 minutes during the day.

Limit salty and fried foods, smoked foods, konstruirovat, sausages, mayonnaise.

Train yourself to eat often, but small portions. The diet should be rich in lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruit.

Quit Smoking. Smokers cellulite develops faster and more often leads to complications.

Start to play sports. It can be Hiking, swimming, tennis, Biking, Jogging.

Take a contrast shower. But to accustom the organism to this need with care.

Кто победит — вы или целюлит

Natalia, Guidespot: materials of press-services

Natalia Gaydash, PhD, dermatologist, cosmetologist:

— When cellulite impaired blood circulation and there is stagnation in the lymphatic system. The affected area turns into the "swamp" where the accumulated excess fluid saturated with toxins, fat cells are trapped by fibrous tissue. Cellulite safe only in the initial stages. Cheerleaders have the following symptoms: swelling of the legs, pale skin and a change in their temperature, numbness and pain in the areas affected by cellulite, the fragility of blood vessels. In this case, need professional help. To combat cellulite apply all types of massage — from manual to hardware-based methods, such as LPG. Good effect is given RF-lifting, vacuum therapy, ozone therapy.

As soon as you stop fighting and return to normal lifestyle (refuse to sport, eat junk food, smoke) — the "orange peel" appears again.

If you want to fight cellulite at home, making massage, avoid areas where there are vascular "stars" and varicose veins. Do not use formulations for wraps containing red hot pepper. If after the application of any composition you feel a burning sensation, fever, pain, immediately rinse. Such procedures are contraindicated if you have problems with blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, menstruation or you may be pregnant.


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