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Is it possible to cure allergies to bloom

To alleviate the sufferings of the spring is capable of specially selected therapy. recorded recommendations of a specialist

The most dangerous plants for people with allergies are birch, poplar, alder, dandelion, chamomile and quinoa. Experts claim that if both parents suffer from allergies, then the child this disease can manifest itself in 50 %
cases. Also an allergic reaction can be due to poor diet and polluted environment. The main symptoms of Allergy to flowering is redness of eyes, itching and watery eyes, congestion and swelling of the nose, obstruction of nasal breathing, itchy nose, sneezing, cough, shortness of breath or irregular breathing, skin rashes.

It is recommended to comply with hypoallergenic diet: give up fried, salty and smoked food, semi-finished products, fast food, canned food, since they contain a lot of preservatives and dyes, and also salt, which can enhance the effect of allergens. Avoid sour and spicy food: they irritate the stomach, disturb the digestion and contribute to the worsening of allergies. Should give up alcohol, especially wines, port and beer. To feed should be fractional, 5-6 times a day. This reduces the load on the digestive tract and increases appetite in people with allergies, which may be lost during exacerbations.

Можно ли вылечить аллергию на цветение

Gunay, Ramazanova: materials of press-services

Gunay Ramazanova, doctor-the otolaryngologist:

— In the flowering period of plants you should try to reduce contact with pollen allergens. Windows and vents in the apartment should be closed with a thick cloth impermeable to pollen. Not to walk in windy weather, do not collect flowers, do not mow or walk on grass. Should you reduce contact with plants, animals, chemical agents, including detergents. In the street wear sunglasses. Also, when entering the street you can use intranasal filter and/or drip into the nose with special preparations containing cellulose, which forms on the mucous membranes of the nose protective film. When you return from the street should change, to rinse the throat, to wash the nose with sea water products, take a shower or at least wash face and hands. The importance of diet. Permitted foods: nesdobnoe bread, bread, fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt without fruit and with a limited shelf life, cottage cheese low fat, lean meats and fish. Allowed green, but not acidic fruits and vegetables. You can eat oatmeal, rice, barley, vegetable oil, butter. You should drink more fluid if there are no contraindications. During allergies it is advisable to be monitored by ENT doctor and get a course of nasal lavage, to make smears from the nose on eosinophils. Out of season (autumn, winter) should refer to the allergist to do Allergy tests to identify the allergen.


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