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No dementia: tips for improving memory

Every third complains that people forget the simple things, can't remember where and what to put on and off if the iron before leaving the house. In most cases, dementia can be avoided if you train your memory. About how to do it, says psychologist Olga Romaniv

Learn poetry

It is proven that learning poems do develop memory and thinking. And the more verses you memorize, the better. If you have not practiced in memorizing verses, first, try to recall something from the curriculum. Once it is mastered, move on to new works — choose a poet who is close to you, and excellence.

Pronounce words to the contrary

Funny and a bit childish, but at the same time quite effective way to train the mind. Important point: words do not need to write down on paper — so you ease your brain work. All actions must occur in the mind. If you find it difficult to immediately read the opposite way, start with short. The main thing — do it regularly.

Develop fine motor skills

In the last century it was proved that the development of the brain of a small child affects how well he is able to handle small objects. Were invented Board games, designers, puzzles help kids develop. An adult working with small parts, similarly helps his brain to develop. Find yourself an interesting hobby: for example, very useful from the point of view of the development of memory drawing in color. And still knitting, embroidery, designing. In our time, having a hobby that causes you to work not only hands, but also the brain, is the best way to remain Homo sapiens as long as possible.

Become a Lefty

Scientists have long noticed that lefties have problems with memory, there are fewer than righties. Because human memory is in the right hemisphere of the brain. Therefore memory development is inextricably linked to participation in the labour force that is the left hand. Leave her some habitual actions — brushing your teeth, food process, try to draw lines on a sheet of paper..

Learn a foreign language

If you've always wanted to learn how to speak French or to pull a long forgotten English — the time has come. Nothing helps your memory like languages. This is the best way to get your brain to work! So download a phone app that allows you to learn several foreign words every day, and don't let yourself relax.

Don't forget to train

If you understand what you need to develop, to train memory and thinking, set a goal, achieve it — you will succeed! And if you think "sometime later", will continue to be lazy and do nothing, it is unlikely that in your life something qualitatively changes, including your memory. Do not be lazy, sleep allotted number of hours, force yourself to struggle and allow yourself a good glass of red wine a day. It has a beneficial effect on mental activity!


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