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What to do if back hurts

The candidate of medical Sciences Alexander Shishenin told what is the improper functioning and spasm deep back muscles, as well as ways of dealing with this problem

If you regularly experience soreness in the back, stop and listen to yourself. Maybe your back is trying to tell you that can not cope with the pressure that you give her, or warns you about the presence of more serious problems. One of the most common causes of back pain is improper operation or spasm of deep back muscles. Muscle spasms can be so painful that in some cases even require hospitalization. Why cramps occur and how to avoid adverse effects to your health?

Deep back muscles — short muscles (to several centimetres), which are attached to the adjacent vertebrae and are located along the spine. These muscles allow you to maintain posture and to make the slopes of the body forward and backward.

Spasm is abnormal muscle contraction due to excessive voltage (an awkward or sudden movement, heavy lifting, spending long periods in an uncomfortable position) or the inflammatory process. Spasserovannye deep back muscles leading to blockage of the vertebrae in an awkward or abnormal position that is accompanied by painful sensations. The pain in turn further increases the spasm and aggravates the whole situation.

Spasm of the deep muscles of the back can be acute or chronic. In chronic spasm the man eventually gets used to support his position or to limit motion so that as little as possible to feel the pain. In this case the longer the muscle is in spasm, the stronger is developing the pathological process spasm of blood circulation gets worse, and, consequently, food is not only spazmirovannah plot muscle but and the adjacent intervertebral disc, there are seals, inflammatory processes etc. Long spasm of deep back muscles is fraught with the development protrusion and hernia of the intervertebral discs, the development of radicular syndrome with neurological symptoms.

The older the person becomes, the higher the risk of chronic spasm of the deep muscles of the back. At risk are those whose professional activity is connected with constant severe back strain.

Что делать, если болит спина

Pregnant women may experience spasm of the back muscles due to increasing weight and pressure on lower back.

Unfortunately, most of us don't care about the back pain and the consequences to which they lead. We habitually use a warming ointment or injections of anti-inflammatory drugs in order to numb the pain and get temporary relief. But until then, until the issue of malfunction and spasm of the deep muscles of the back are not addressed, the condition will only worsen and pathological processes to develop stronger.

Practice shows that the excellent results of treatment of spastic muscles and herniated discs gives a method of recovery micronational function of skeletal muscles. The method is a combination of individually selected exercises and special methods of breathing. The therapeutic effect is achieved due to the activation of power supply abnormalities due to the properly selected physical activity, thus, getting rid of back pain is the most natural and safe way.


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