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To lose weight after 40 years easily!

So again you have decided to lose weight

Instead of my favorite sandwiches and chocolate for Breakfast made fruit salad, for dinner was boiled chicken breast, and for dinner a Cup of yogurt. But at 2am you find yourself at the fridge with a half-eaten sausage in his hand. Familiar?

How to lose weight after 40 and keep health

To maintain health on the way to harmony, it is important to focus on the long-term prospects. Do not sit on a rigid diet and does not reduce the number of meals abruptly. All of this can lead to frustrations and repeated weight gain.

Start small, for example, the choice of training or replacing sweets with fruit. Sleep well and walk often. Gradually introduce into the diet of more fresh fruits, greens, drink water.

To lose weight and maintain health is not:

  • To torture yourself diets and workouts
  • Drinking magic teas for weight loss and pills
  • To arrange a day on the water alone, if you've never done this before
  • To dramatically reduce caloric intake
  • To starve all week to stay and overeat at the weekend

Remember, after 40, a woman's body changes, metabolism become such as 25.

Lose weight according to the rules: 5 tips on proper weight loss

I'll tell you how to prepare yourself psychologically and lose weight easily without Herculean effort.

To lose weight after 40: tips from Elena Cullen

Elena Cullen, an expert in the psychology of weight loss, author own technique of weight reduction "Beautiful habits, Beautiful body"

  • Don't compare yourself and don't criticize.
  • Think about situations when unnecessary eating.
  • Learn to eat for hunger.
  • Get rid of stereotypes.
  • Do not eat in front of the TV and the computer.

If you want to practice these useful tips and get rid of unwanted pounds, sign up for my marathon "a Beautiful habit. Beautiful body." On it you will learn how to meet the needs of his personality without food and can easily become more slender. I doubt if you can help it? Read the reviews of those women who managed to lose weight after 40.


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