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5 ways to extend your day

How not to sleep through the night when you have to work

Method # 1

Eat eggs and nuts, oddly enough. The energy raise proteins. For wakefulness in humans, is responsible orexin — protein neurotransmitter. But drinking all sorts of soda, like coke, on the contrary, harmful consumption of sugar reduces orexin levels and increase it is products with high protein content.

5 способов продлить свой день

It's bad, but возможно

Method # 2

Drink more plain water. Dehydration has a bad impact on your ability to concentrate at work.

5 способов продлить свой день

Night - other реальность

Method # 3

Turn on all the lights, and the brightness of the monitor do. People physically feel the time of day, because this time depends on the development of certain proteins. In the dark the body think it's time to sleep, and in bright light it is ready to be awake and actively working.

5 способов продлить свой день

Choose the correct продукты

Method # 4

Keep your feet in the cold.. When to sleep is not the time, socks are better off — the coolness and the discomfort will force you to focus and to stretch the brain.

5 способов продлить свой день

Turn on more света

Method # 5

Not to sleep, to chew. Your pancreas aktiviziruyutsya and will start to secrete insulin, which increases the vigor and vitality.


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