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Kira Dikhtyar: "to Begin to follow a diet easy. Difficult not to relax when the first results" recorded tips on losing weight from the model

Lovely shape Hollywood stars and models is suggestive of the fact that overseas celebrity sitting on some superdate. Model Kira Dikhtyar been living and working in America and familiar with popular diets.

I eat almost all take a nutritional Supplement, like organic fresh food. But no sweets and almost no flour. Same thing with alcohol. I can afford a glass of red wine or champagne at the party, but nothing stronger. Another rule is to sleep sufficient. There were times when because of stress and anxiety I couldn't sleep, and it immediately reflected on my face. So now I stick to the day mode, in which sleep has no less than eight hours. And of course, if you want to look young, fresh and well maintained, you spend less time in clubs and at parties. In our business, beauty is not a question of age, and fresh! No matter how much the girl age, it is important to make it look fresh! Waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror, she needs to see fresh, well-groomed face, with no trace of "loose". (Smiles.)

After the long new year holidays in Moscow, I remembered the California diet. Her point is that in a period of four weeks to gradually withdraw from the diet of some products and replace them with others, and also to follow the mode of sleep and lead an active lifestyle. In the first week I eliminated all fast food, snacks on the run and depressed all the food in the form of sausages, chips and convenience foods. Any nutritionist will tell you that a sharp change of diet is stressful to the body. So you need patience!

Кира Дихтяр: «Начать соблюдать диету несложно. Сложнее не расслабиться при первых результатах»

Kira Dikhtyar with her experience in the modeling business knows how to make the diet a part of healthy, infoto:

You start to follow a diet easy. Difficult not to relax when the first visible results and not to settle for less. The second week was marked by a complete rejection of the sweet. In parallel, I started taking a vitamin complex and some time was pleasantly surprised by the result! In the third week of my experiment I realized that one of proper nutrition is not enough, and decided to make what had long been postponed due to lack of time: to go to the gym. I tried to do more outdoors, taking advantage of the mild climate of California, to drink more water. On the fourth week I was so used to the new diet that did not want to change anything. Felt great, my reflection in the mirror I was more than satisfied!

American fitness enthusiasts popular kettiya. Her main goal is burning fat and keep up lean body mass. The mechanism of its action is simple: to change the body process energy from one source to another from glycolysis, in other words the breakdown of carbohydrates, lipolysis, the breakdown of fats. In the absence of the carbohydrate component in the diet the body switches to the fight against fat reserves. Diet when Ketumile are different types of meat, fatty fish, eggs, cheese, a small amount of vegetables — vegetables contain carbohydrates, so you need to use them prudently. Known facts, when the adherents of ketone diet experiencing carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms. Was invented cyclic kettiya when you select one day in the week, which allowed the use uglevodosoderzhaschie products, and in this day resolved both simple and complex carbohydrates. The number of products containing fats and proteins, in this day should thus be limit.

8 tips from Kira Dikhtyar:

1. Diet will not bring an effective result if you do not exercise. But no machine, let's leave it for men. Basic Jogging on the treadmill or Cycling is good cardio.

2. If after a workout you want a snack, it is better to eat snacks than candy bars. No sugar.

3. For groceries go on a full stomach. A hungry person buys more food than it needs.

4. Put on a plate a little smaller than usual, and stick to the rules: satisfied with what is already in it, and never reported.

5. The walk is best to go after Breakfast, lunch or dinner, as the calories in this case burn more than on an empty stomach.

6. Prepare yourself for a second Breakfast or afternoon snack: skim milk, small cheese sandwich, a piece of chicken with a leaf of lettuce, a handful of prunes. It is very important to have something prepared in advance so as not be tempted to eat anything.

7. While eating, do not read books and Newspapers or watch TV. Watching the UPS and downs of the movie or reading an interesting book, you can eat more than I should.

8. The amount of calories required to align with the rhythm of his day. In the morning before work to give myself some slack and eat more at lunch, limit yourself, and dinner should be quite easy, especially if it comes at a time just before bedtime.


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